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Animal Magick

This is a list of animal products that may be used in spells..... We ask that you do not harm nor kill any animal to fulfill these requests.... Instead use replicas or pieces that naturally fall off.

For example, if you need fur wait for a pet to shed it or use faux (after all, it is the symbolic nature that counts).

Alligator teeth (replica only)- Good luck, protective amulet, protection.

Cat Hair (naturally shed)- Ward away evil, spirit communication, increased power of spell.

Dog Hair(naturally shed) - Bring trouble to an enemy, drive enemies away.

Chicken Bones(replicas only or naturally decayed) - Good luck, enhancement of psychic powers

Chicken Eggs- Love spell, gambling luck

Deer Antler (naturally shed or replica) - Use for protection, aid in Earthen magick.

Pigeon Manure- Used to bind curses

Rabbit Fur (fake or naturally shed) - Aid in conceiving, increase sexual passion

Snake Skin (already shed) - Healing, renewal, revenge, spirituality

Spider Webs - Binding an enemy, cause confusion, increase spirituality

If you have used a genuine animal product (again we stress- HARM NO ANIMAL) leave either a physical offering or a blessing for that animal.

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