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Using a Pendulum

First learn the language of your pendulum. Hold your pendulum at the top of the chain between your index finger and middle finger allowing the crystal to hang free. Ask it to show you what no looks like. It will start to swing in a specific direction. Ask it what yes looks like, and it will swing in a different direction. Then ask it what maybe looks like and see how it swings.

Then prepare a list of questions. Make sure you phrase your questions so they can be answered yes, no or maybe.

Start asking questions. Make sure to completely stop your pendulum between questions.

If you use it for spirit communication make sure when asking your question that you are addressing the spirits around you. You may use names of the spirits you wish to speak to.

It is also a good idea to make a chart...Make a cross with up down being yes and side to side being no. When your pendulum has a maybe answer it may just swing in circles.

For more advanced use write A through Z on a large paper. Ask the spirit any question. Take the pendulum over each letter and when it circles a letter right it down. Words and messages will appear.

Please note that a pendulum is a very personal tool. It typically takes about 30 days for the pendulum to become accustomed with your energy and give accurate results. This is especially the case if the pendulum is spelled. 

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