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Psychic Spirits

Each of these races is perfect for those that wish for a psychic spirit.

Raiju- These spirits are very powerful and are avid shape-shifters. They often manifest in lucid dreams and can aid their keeper in developing/strengthening psychic gifts.

Bannik-Banniks are among the most powerful of psychic spirits. They were commonly used in ancient rituals and are known to give their keeper intense visions. They are especially gifted at predicting future events.

Divine Angels- Divine Angels are active spirits that aid in all psychic abilities. This may be the ideal race if you want a psychic spirit that is white arts.

Stryx-These spirits are a vampire race of bird with amazing psychic talents. They also heighten their keeper's libido.

Gamayun- The Gamayun are a large race of spirit bird that are commonly found in Russia. This is another white arts race of psychic spirit. They help their keeper gain insight, and provide detailed visions of the past, present, and future. This race can enhance all current psychic gifts. 

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