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Can's and Cannot's of Magick

For those new to this path, it is often confusing and full of legend and hope of the impossible. We receive emails on a regular basis asking for spells to cure terminal illness, cure infertility, bring great riches instantly, and etc. 

While magick done through spell work or by spirits can have a very positive effect it alone cannot give you things that are impossible to obtain. Spell work is a natural force and like any natural force it takes time to weave and manifest. It takes what you already have and builds upon it. Here are some common requests that we receive which cannot be fulfilled through spell work and why:

1. Curing a terminal illness. If we could do this we would without any hesitation. Magick is not a replacement for professional medical care. At best the magick MAY aid in the doctor's treatment plan and may provide some relief for minor symptoms such as minor aches, stress, insomnia, etc.

2. To obtain great amounts of wealth instantly..... This is another one that we would love to be able to perform (haha). Unfortunately, wealth spells cannot give instant wealth without you receiving bad karma. Magick cannot create things, it can only bring you things that already exist (such as money). If you were to have spell work done it could bring you an unbelievable amount of wealth but it would come at a cost, such as the death of a loved one. Money magick brings wealth to you by helping you attract small amounts which eventually turn into larger ones. Example: Winning $100 while gambling or landing a pay raise.

3.Cure infertility. This one kind of falls under curing an illness.... Magick has been known to help women conceive healthy babies but it is not a replacement for a medical treatment.

4. Make me smarter spells. Technically a spell like this may be possible to do but my coven and I will cast a spell like this in rare situation. The reason for this is that casting a spell to alter one's IQ and thought process can have devastating effects. Intelligence and knowledge are not something that can be gifted to you safely, it is earned through effort and studying. Instead of asking for a spell to increase your IQ, consider a spell to clear your mind of distractions, help you focus, increase memory or aid you in learning new things!

5. Drastic changes in appearance. Over the years we have received many requests from people asking us to cast spells to make drastic changes to their appearance. There are some spells that can help you look more healthy, have more youthful appearance, AID in weight-loss and perform minor glamors.... However we cannot give physically cause you to lose weight at an unnatural rate, enhance breast size or give you extra appendages (such as animal ears or a tail).

Magick is a wonderful thing that can bring you many blessings but you need to remember that it takes time to work and there are certain things in life that you must earn.

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