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Spirits For Revenge

Hell Hound - This is a very dark entity who will punish all who have hurt you. At your command all who wronged you will think they are facing a evil demon of chaos. A Hellhound can give psychic attacks, nightmares and bad luck. They will only go after bad people and would never harm an innocent. They shoud be used wisely and carefully. They are also great protectors who are loyal to their keeper. What you love they love.

Hag - This is a firey entity of power. Some are so powerful they will know who plans to hurt, harm or hinder you even before they enter your life. They will deal swift karma to those who deserve it and the will stop evil doers in their tracks. Not much can get past a hag and not many things want to face one. A hag has a awful name, however to their keeper they appear as lovely as can be. A hag is not a slave, she should be treated with repsect! If you care for you hag and treat her well she be a huge blessing in your life.

Greek Daemon - This are the spirits of human's who possessed great power. Kings, Queens, witches, wizards and more. The correct Daemon can do many many things and one of them is writing all wrongs. Other gifts are power, magick, spiritual growth, confidence and more. Their powers vary between them. They are can be active and create many paranormal happenings. Those who keep a Deamon normally become very close and seal deep caring bonds.

Kaia- The Kaia is a Dark Arts entity that is often kept as an alternative to demons. They are similar in their abilities but are not quite as dark as most demons. This race is one of the best races at bringing revenge and justice to their keepers. They can recover what has been stolen, which makes them a rare and very beneficial entity. The Kaia will bring bad luck to your enemies, deliver powerful psychic attacks, inflict your keeper with negative emotions and more. Some members of this race are temperamental and should only be kept by an experienced keeper, while others can serve any confident keeper.

Harpy- Although the Harpy has a plethora of other powers, I have always found them to be exceptionally proficient in dealing justice. They can use their vast magick to bring retribution and punish all evil. Females are more powerful than males but can be more temperamental (of course not all females are; most bound female harpies are not difficult to keep). Males are less powerful but are often more suited for keepers new to dark spirits.

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