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This is an exercise for remembering past lives...

Get into a relaxed position, lying down is best. After that you are fully relaxed and comfortable start to imagine that you are getting smaller. Like your body is shrinking and you become smaller and smaller. Then start to imagine you are your normal size again. Now you imagine that you are getting bigger and bigger, your entire body is just growing. Then again back to your normal size. Each time you go smaller or bigger, imagine you are going further and further into that size. When you are getting larger and you feel like you are above the town, above the earth, just hovering with the stars. Stay there for a moment. Just relax and don't think of anything, keep an open, relaxed mind. When you are ready to return to your normal size again, tell yourself so and travel further down towards the earth, when you arrive you will be at another time, in another lifetime. You can ask to arrive in a lifetime that will help you in this carnation. Once you are back to normal size, take a minute and just see what you feel what thoughts are running through your head. You might see scenes or images or flashes of things. Even if you think you might be making it up, just go along with it as it comes. Don't question it or try to understand any of it, just be more like a spectator. Try very hard to trust what you see with no doubts!

When you are ready, you make yourself larger again she you are hovering above the earth, you say to yourself as you return to your normal body size, you will be back in your own time, in your present life. Take your time to come out of it, relaxed and slowly. You may want to write down what you can remember about it all, so you don't forget later. Now, take what information you received and try to meditate on it, see if you can understand anything that connects that life with this one.

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