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When you first become a keeper you may find yourself wondering which is best for you, a spirit or an entity. The answer to this is not something that anyone can answer but you.

An entity is a living being. He or she will grow, learn new abilities, change, and age. Many keepers prefer to keep living entities because they are able to feel more of a connection with them since they are still alive and are still growing as living beings.

Spirits on the other hand, are beings that are no longer alive but have chosen to stay behind and serve a keeper. Spirits will not age and typically stay at the same level they were at when they passed. Some keepers prefer keeping spirits because they have already lived their life and hold a great understanding for it. Some keepers also feel that since a spirit has lived its life, he or she will be more dedicated to their keeper than an entity (usually spirits and entities are equally as dedicated).

Neither one should be considered more or less powerful than the other; this depends solely upon the individual spirit or entity in question. Both spirits and entities are capable of being active, powerful, and forming deep bonds with their keepers. I personally have both spirits and living entities in my family and love them all equally!

Please know that the term “spirit” is a typical go-to term among many conjurors and keepers and is often used interchangeably. If you have any confusion regarding a certain spirit or entity it is advised to ask the seller directly!

Image courtesy of lian2011

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