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Buy a cows tongue, slice it open length wise (top and bottom) between halves place a piece of paper that you have written the person who is lying name on, be detailed as you can. roll the tongue up (tip to back) and drive 7 nails, 7 pins and 7 needles thru the tongue each time saying something like (name) cannot lie; Wrap the tongue up in red cloth and leave it in the woods with 7 pennies.


Take a black figure candle, carve the person's name who is lying and any other info into the figure..

Using a hot nail melt away the mouth. Smooth the mouth area over so you can't even tell there was a mouth there, then bind the mouth area with black thread.

Using a knife or nail hollow out a small hole in the area of the heart.

Inside the hole sprinkle a little bit of graveyard dirt and (if you wish) a drop of your own blood, ..

again using the hot nail or hot knife re-melt the wax over the hole until the contents are sealed in.

Light the candle for a few seconds and tell it your wish (so and so; will stop spreading lies about me) use your own words here.

Take the figure to a graveyard and hang it in a tree with a piece of black thread.


At night time light a small fire in a cauldron or what ever you have available to contain the fire.

Write on a piece of paper that is 3 inches x 3 inches, the word Rumors and the rumors

that are being spread about you. Do not write the names of those who are slandering you!

You do not want to harm them and suffer the consequences with karma!

Be thinking of these lies going away never to return as you draw an X with a dark marker

across the paper. Toss the paper into the fire and repeat the following words 3 times

"Rumors, slander standing stout,

with this X, I cross you out

I toss their words into the fire,

all these lies no longer hire

All bad things done and said,

leave my life, be gone be dead!

All the evil that they say,

make it all go away!

Rumors carry me no more,

be gone be dead, be no more!"


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