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To Banish Unbound Spirits and Entities

The need for this spell is huge and we urge all to write it down and use it when needed.

Many Spirit Keepers will find that they have attracted an unbound to their home. This unbound may be kind, may act helpful and may beg you to find it a new keeper. Do not be fooled, as most of the time random unbound spirits and entities are evil who hide behind a sweet face. They will trick you into believing they are good and once you find them a home they release chaos, pain and misery to the one you sold them to. So many innocent people have been hurt by situations like this so if you find yourself surrounded by unbound spirits I highly suggest banishing them! Most are lying tricksters who will bide their time waiting for your trust. Do not take any chances with unbound spirits.

The following spell is free for all.


Light a white candle and light Sage incense cones. Also get one class of water.

Chant this three times.

"Angels of Protection,

Angels who clear

Remove all spirits

Who don't belong here! So Mote It Be!!!

Call upon your highest teacher, angel, or God to banish the spirit/entity.

Use the glass of water to collect negativity, then flush the water.

Also, wear any jewelry that is sacred to you. Express power and strength, show no fear.

While you meditate after the chant, know that the atmosphere around you has been cleared

of all evil spirits.

Repeat as needed. A suggested follow up will be to burn sage in each room.

This will not banish your good spirits. This will only banish spirit with evil inside them. All good (white, gray or dark) spirits will be safe and will not be effected by this spell. Most of them may choose to help you!

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