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Ceasg are Scottish mermaids. They are similar in abilities to the more common race of merfolk. However, Ceasg are often more focused on helping their keeper overcome difficulty and face challenges. They are excellent at wish granting, improvement of negative situations, attracting lovers, and improving sex life.

General Offerings: Water, sea shells, pearls, mirrors.

Class: White


A Hippocampus resembles a horse with limbs of a whale or dolphin. They are peaceful a peaceful race and are wonderful to be around! To their keeper they bring good luck, attract powerful entities, install harmony, and gift energy to other spirits in your family.

General Offerings: Sea salt, water.

Class: White


Loxies are a type of faery sea horse. They have the body of a sea horse and wings of a fae. They usually live in family groups but occasionally a single loxy or a small group will choose to be kept and aid a human. They offer the attraction of water entities, increase of powers of all water spirits, and help their keeper forge a stronger connection to the element of water.

General Offerings: Sea salt, water, flowers, sea glass.

Class: White


Merfolk usually have the tail of a fish and the upper body of a human. Mermaids are the females of this race and mermen are the males. They bring balance and harmony, attract lovers, increase sexual passions, aid you in seduction, and provide protection.

General Offerings: Sea weed, sea salt, water, shells, music.

Class: White


Merrow are a race of Irish merfolk. The women are exceedingly beautiful while the males are strikingly ugly (the males may manifest as being more attractive to not frighten their keeper). They can change their form and appear as a land dwelling animal. They attract love, aid in gathering of wealth, give psychic powers, provide protection and aid in spell casting.

General Offerings: Sea shells, salt water, sea weed, incense.

Class: Gray Arts


The Neckan are a type of water spirit. They often manifest as a log or water creature. Some members of this race can be temperamental, but for a strong-willed keeper they are beneficial to have. They provide aura cleaning, renewal, deleting bad karma, and dispelling negativity.

General Offerings: Water from a fish tank, wet leaves, and pond water.

Class: Gray Arts


They are a race of German Water Sprites. Males are less commonly kept than females. Nixies aid in seduction, enhance natural beauty, and attract lovers.

General Offerings: Water, flowers, polished gemstones, sugar.

Class: White


A Selkie is best described as being a human with many features of a seal. They are extremely friendly and love to keep company with humans. They offer companionship, an uplift in mood, bring good luck, and attract other water entities.

General Offerings: Sea salt, water, shells, sea weed, sand, drift wood.

Class: White

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