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How To Make Your Own Offering Stones

This is a simple way to give gifts and rewards to your beloved spirit family.

What you need is some water, salt, a stone (I love any type quartz), sun and the moon.

First choose your stone. Clear quartz or rose quartz are a great choice as they hold energy perfectly. Raw stones in their natural state are my choice but polished ones will work perfectly.

Now you need to cleanse your stone of any energy that is negative or even slightly tainted. Do this you can use 8 hours of sunlight or mix water and salt. Just a pinch of any type salt will work well. Let your stone in the salt water for at least one hour.

Next is to wait for a full moon. Take your cleansed stone and lay it under the full moon the entire night, At least 8 hours. In the morning you will find a stone that is charged with powerful energy provided by the moon. The stone may hold the charge from 2 to 30 days.

Give your stone to your spirit as a reward or as a energy source. I like to place my spirits in their own recharging bag with the offering stone. You spirit will love this simple and it's a very sweet gesture..

Blessings :)

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