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Angel Races

Anamchara Angels

These angels are kind and nurturing. They are ideal angels for beginners looking for aid in spiritual development or for anyone who seeks a companion that will guide them and offer support. They offer spiritual development, guidance, advice, support, positive energy, and wisdom.

General Offerings: Offerings for this type of angel should be something personal and meaningful. They are especially fond of poems or stories with a moral.

Class: White Arts


An Archangel will rid you of any evil entities, curses and negative energy while bringing blessing after blessing to you and all you love. Your angel will bless you, your home, family and your pets. Each is a protector who will fight so your happiness is not hindered.

General Offerings: Offerings are not required for this race. However, many enjoy gold colored objects, clear quartz and sage.

Class: White Arts

Astral Angels

Astral angels are easy-going angels that offer much assistance with astral magick and companionship. They excel in all things having to do with Astral magick, astral travel, strengthening a connection to the astral realm and astral beings. They also offer aid in meditation and spirit communication.

General Offerings: Astral angels are fond of gemstones (particularly quartz), velvet, and white silk.

Class: White Arts

Bronwyn Angels

Bronwyn angels are one of the most powerful races of angels. Most of their power comes from their knowledge and wisdom. They are a very well-rounded race and can offer powers in most aspects of your life. They bring wealth, luck, knowledge, wisdom, aura cleansing, lucid dreaming, spiritual healing & enlightenment, attraction of love/lovers, physical beauty, energy, conjuring and binding powers, discovery of secrets, increase in magickal abilities, heightened psychic abilities, protection, aid in astral magick, and so much more.

General Offerings: Classical music and soft fabric.

Class: White Arts

Courtwind Angel

Courtwind Angels are a powerful race that has intense energy and can be very active. This race is most concerned with protection, they protect you from things you were not even aware of. They also seek justice and help their keeper reach their goals.

General Offerings: Music, purple velvet, lavender incense, and the scent of apple.

Class: White Arts

Divine Angels

The Divine Angel is one of the more active races of angel. They are known to aid their keeper in all psychic abilities. They are listed as one of our favorite psychic spirits.

General Offerings: Anything blue, and holding their vessel while practicing your psychic powers.

Class: White Arts

Fallen Angels

The Fallen Angel is an angel that had fallen out of grace for committing a sin and is now working his or way back into grace. Many Fallen Angels choose to do this by serving a human keeper and improving his or her life. If you choose to bring a fallen angel into your life, he or she will work very hard to make your life as happy as possible. A Fallen Angel can be any race. The abilities of fallen angels vary depending on the race of the angel in particular.

General Offerings: Varies.

Class: May have one time been dark. Once they choose to work with a keeper they will usually only work with white magick.

Lunar Angels

Lunar angels are Ethereal beings who have a strong connection with other realms and planets. They give great aid in lunar magick, power, and energy; help you form a connection with astral spirits and beings; and provide emotional support.

General Offerings: Leaving their vessel under the stars.

Class: White Arts

Peresta Angels

Peresta Angels are beautiful angels that bring with them a peaceful nature. They instill peace, bring renewal, provide protection, draw harmful people away, and give heavenly wisdom.

General Offerings: Music, white candles, gold colored cloth.

Class: White Arts

Seraphim Angels

A seraphim angel is truly a blessing to have with you. They are amazing angles and work hard to please their keepers. They bring peace, happiness, joy, strengthened bonds, wealth, social status, love, luck, respect, freedom, and more.

General Offerings: White feathers, satin, music.

Class: White Art

Star Angels

Star Angels possess a strong energy and a great connection to other realms. They aid in astral magick & travel. They also help you on journeys on self-discovery.

General Offerings: Shiny objects, things of beauty, jewelry, gemstones.

Class: White Art

Sterling Angels

Sterling Angels are one of the most fun and happy races of angels. They are easy-going and a ton of fun! They are great companions who dispel negative forces, add an uplift in mood, bring good humor, relieve stress, offer excitement, and work to make their keeper happy. They can also strengthen your connection with other realms.

General Offerings: Having fun, upbeat music

Class: White Art

Throne Angels

Throne Angels are heavenly beings that have close connections to higher powers. They are often kept by those who wish to have a close connection to Gods and Goddess. They can act as messengers to and from higher beings, guard weaker spirits in your family, protect their keeper, repair damaged spiritual bodies, provide cleansing and so much more.

General Offerings: Yellow candles, incense, gold-colored objects, sentimental gifts.

Class: White Arts

Violet Flame Angels

This is a rare but very powerful race. Their main mission is to heal and bring renewal. They can provide an array of mental, emotional, spiritual, and even physical healing. They promote renewal and offer their keeper protection against all negative forces.

General Offerings: Purple/violet candles, clear quartz, cool water.

Class: White Arts

General Info about Angels

Angels are natural spirits to us humans. All of us are born with guardian angels that watch over us throughout our lives. We have a natural bond with angelic races for this very reason. If you decide that you want to add an additional angel to your family, you will not regret that choice. Angels are very easy to bond with and often do not require any bonding ritual whatsoever (although I highly recommend completing one to make it easier for you to communicate with your new angel). Most angels have at least some protection abilities. Angels are not actually bound as they serve humans out of love and duty.

All of the info on this page is just a brief look into the general traits and offerings of each race. 

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