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Totems That Swim

Alligator- Alligator is motherly and is a seeker of vengeance. She leads people who seek redemption and retaliation.

Crab- The crab brings luck and success. She guides people to new heights and she also councils her pupils to make decisions.

Crocodile- Crocodile warns against deception. She is a spirit of emotions and patience.

Dolphin- The Dolphin is joyful and compassionate soul. She conveys deeper emotions and is the embodiment of peace.

Fish- He has swam in all waters imaginable and has learned to keep an open mind. As a totem he reminds those he guides to do the same. He also is focused and adaptable.

Hippopotamus- The hippopotamus is an aggressive force. She gives those she guides warnings and reminds them to always learn from their past. She is also a totem of creation and healing.

Octopus- The mystical energy of the octopus is hard to understand, but if you listen she will teach you the art of multi-tasking and of patience. She is a motherly figure who stresses the importance of sacrifice.

Otter- Few totems are as friendly and joyful as the otter. He is a helpful totem that shows the importance of kindness and friendship.

Salmon- If the salmon is your totem, you will find inspiration in everything. He is an intense fighter who seeks truth and values wisdom.

Seahorse- The seashorse is a fatherly figure. He is laid back and is perfectly content to observe his surroundings to gain wisdom.

Seal- Seal is often the guide for gentle souls as he is very kind and loving. He is never afraid to share all he has with anyone who asks.

Shark- He is the king of the sea. Shark is often the totem for successful business people as he will do anything to succeed. He seeks opportunity and reminds those he guides to remain adaptable.

Toad- Toad is all about becoming a better overall person. If he is your totem you should constantly examine your inner self and always try to improve. He also can represent luck (either good or bad) and past lives.

Whales- The whale is a gentle creature who causes no harm and denotes kindness as well as intelligence. She is always ready to give advice and provide for her pupils.

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