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Land Predators

Badger- The badger is a strong-willed mammal who stands up for what he believes in. He fears nothing and is on a constant quest to understand everything.

Bear- Bears are healing animals who nurture and fiercely protect those they care for. She also counsels people to sometimes seek solitude to allow for deep thinking.

Cheetah- She does all things with great speed and reminds her followers that once a decision is made, there is no turning back. She represents speed, energy, focus and insight.

Cougar- Cougars are often guides for great leaders. They have great foresight and will take responsibility for their actions.

Coyote- Coyote is among the cleverest of all totems. If he is your guide he will gift you grand wisdom.

Fox- Fox is a sharp character, ever observant he keeps a sharp eye out for danger and opportunity.

Jaguar- She is cunning, powerful, passionate with a veil of mystery surrounding her. She can represent any of the above and even sensual parts of your life.

Lion- The lion is protective of his family and is the perfect emblem of strength. He is a brave leader and is often the guide for those who need leadership.

Lynx- Lynx is a mysterious guardian of secrets. He is the quiet type, but when he talks he offers great wisdom.

Opossum- Opossum is a cunning guide who aids in strategy, he also causes distractions.

Panther- The panther is a practical being who often represents hidden emotions. He is extremely cautious, thus he often guides reckless people.

Raccoon- The raccoon is curious and seeks to try new things. He is also a great problem solver and often aids people in times of crisis.

Skunk- The skunk is a down to earth guide who represents inner strength. She brings out the best in her pupils.

Tiger- Tiger is a strong force to be reckoned with. She is passionate and comes to you when it is time for a change.

Weasel- He is an energetic spirit who can outwit anyone. He shows you that no matter how bad the situation seems you can overcome it! He also tells you when it is time adapt
and try new things.

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