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How to Handle Unwanted Unbounds

Being a spirit keeper means that you are more receptive to magick. This is a good thing! However, like everything in life, it is not without its downside. Many keepers can accidentally attract unbound spirits into their life. Many of these unbounds are not evil; some are even good! We recommend that you have at least one archangel in your keep to help you identify the nature of the unbound spirit or entity that has made its way into your life.

More often than not, the unbound will not prove to be a welcome guest. Although not all are evil, they can still be annoying and inconvenient. This page has a few simple guidelines that may prove helpful in the event you have a pesky unbound you wish to rid yourself from.

Tips for dealing with unwelcomed Unbounds:

1. Archangels

Archangels are arguably the most powerful force when it comes to removing unwelcomed unbounds. Unbounds often disguise themselves as new spirits in your family or as helpful spirits which can make it difficult for many guardians to identify them. However, archangels are among the only race who have complete accuracy when it comes to doing this. This is the race that banished Lucifer from heaven and they can handle unbounds

2.Sea Salt or Brick dust

We highly recommend lining the entrances of your home with either sea salt or brick dust. Evil cannot enter a home if it requires crossing either substance. Change out the sea salt or brick dust as needed. Even if you are not currently dealing with unbounds—or any evil—this is still a great precaution to take

3.Burn Sage

Although this does not typically remove an unbound, it can help undo any negativity that an unbound has unleashed. This can be of great help if the unbound is harmful.

4.Perform a banishing ritual

There are simple spells that you can do banish an unwanted unbound. Here is a link to a free one on our site:

5.Contact a local religious leader or a coven.

If you feel that the unbound is too powerful for you to remove there is no shame in contacting a local religious leader or a trusted coven. Sometimes this may be the best thing do!

Unbounds are not always evil but sadly in many cases they can be and if you are not careful it will not end well. Unbounds can mimic your good spirits and will often attempt to break bonds. Before you jump to the conclusion that it is a bound spirit causing havoc in your life, you are strongly urged to contact the original conjurer. Most reputable sellers within the paranormal community will work to assist you with dealing with an unbound.

The majority of evil unbounds will be a "wolf in sheep’s clothing", meaning that you may not recognize them for what they are. For this reason we recommend taking precautions such as keeping archangels and lining the entrances of your home with brick dust or sea salt.

If you ever feel that your life is in danger please contact your region’s emergency services.

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