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Meditation and Spirit Communication

Meditation for beginners

  • Sit comfortably

  • Relax your body and quiet your thoughts.

  • After body and mind have been stilled,

  • Visualize a apple against a black background.

  • Focus on it, bring it close and see the small details of it's skin.

  • Smell it.

  • Touch it and feel it under your fingertips.

  • Bite into it and taste it.

  • Focus the apple and nothing else.

  • Sit, do not lie down (this could cause you to fall asleep).

  • It may take a few times to actually taste the apple.

  • Don't give up, keep practicing this and it will enhance your mind for meditation

Nothing is set in stone so feel free to add things or change things. Suggested enhances are blue candles, white candles and a relaxing incense.

Always try when you are alone and will not be disturbed.

Start small with short times.

Relax, keep an open mind and remember that all things worth while can take time.

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