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Voodoo Sabine

We have had the pleasure of knowing Sabine since childhood and now we have the pleasure of working with!

We are even more excited to offer some of her one of a kind offerings here. She is very particular about any practitioner offering her authentic voodoo workings so this truly is an honor. This is the only place to get authentic Voodoo Queen Sabine work. She is one of the most celebrated and powerful practitioners of Voodoo this world has to offer. You will be amazed by all she allows me to offer.

She is a very private women who is 102 years old. She is a true Haitian initiated Voodoo Queen with an unearthly power and wisdom.

She is currently working on a new line to be offered her. She has her daughter ship us items monthly. All offered here is very limited and once it's gone it may be along way before or if it's offered again!

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