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White Art Fae

Amadan Fae

Amadan Fae are a sweet and caring race. They come from Ireland and are easy to identify by their striking green eyes. They are excellent at bringing luck and prosperity.

General Offerings: Oregano, clovers, foliage and sandalwood incense.

Class: White

Assene Fae

Assene Fae are among the most positive of races my coven works with. We often recommend them to new parents, people with special needs and children because they are 

extremely nurturing. The Assene Fae bring all types of healing, aid in earthen magick, bring prosperity and attract positive energy.

General Offerings: Flowers, berries, dried fruits, clear quartz.

Class: White

Astral Faery

Astral Fae are one of the most popular races of Fae. They aid in astral travel, assist in moving among different realms, and help strengthen your connection to higher powers.

General Offerings: Star-gazing, time spent outside, cool water

Class: White

Atua Faery

Atua fae are a rare race of Polynesian fae. They are shorter than the average human and have tan to dark skin. They also typically have dark brown to light green eyes. They are serious fae and live by a strict code of honor. The Atua Fae are fearless guardians, bring a stronger connection with nature, and cast powerful magick.

General Offerings: Tree bark, soil, foliage, flower petals

Class: White

Aubures Fae

Aubures Fae are sweet entities who serve as wonderful companions and provide a large boost of inspiration to their keepers. They are bringers of blessings, inspire creativity, open minds, and remove all negative blocks.

General Offerings: Drawings, milk, rose water, fresh water, flowers, art

Class: White

Avala Fae

The Avala Fae are calm Fae with a very strong connection to the Earth. They aid in Earthen magick, boost motivation, inspire hope, help their keepers gain independence and assist in improving all areas of life.

General Offerings: Soil, foliage, flowers, leaves, tree bark

Class: White

Black Forest Fae

The Black Forest Fae is characterized by shiny black hair and brilliant silver eyes. They are guardians, aid in spell casting, and can assist in conjuring or attracting spirits.

General Offerings: Foliage, branches, moss, black stones, silver objects

Class: White

Butterfly Fae

The Butterfly Fae is a shapeshifter. This race can morph into any form so long as it has seen it before. They tend to favor the appearance of colorful insects, particularly butterflies. When they appear in their true form, they usually possess large colorful wings. They are a friendly and social fae. The Butterfly Fae’s magick can bring beauty, healing, remove negativity and attract positive blessings.

General Offerings: Flowers, foliage, honey, cool water

Class: White

Camelot Faery

The Camelot Fae is a very social and friendly Fae. They do well in large spirit families and enjoy interaction with their keepers. They bring a variety of blessings, heighten social status, bring wealth and attract great luck.

General Offerings: Flowers, stained glass, dried fruits

Class: White

Cluricaune Faery

The Cluricaune fae a friendly race of fae who are very similar to leprechauns in their abilities. They bring wealth, protect financial assets, promote good luck, attract opportunity and bring about excitement.

General Offerings: Silver, wine, coins

Class: White

Couril Faery

The Couril Fae are extremely rare. They are identical to humans except in that they are small, have webbed feet and very small wings. Couril Faeries are highly magickal and beings who aid in spell casting, increase the power of all spell work that is done on your behalf, increasing power and speed of spell work, and repelling all negative magick cast against you.

General Offerings: Gray stones, satin, glass

Class: White

Delica Fae

The Delica Fae are known for their beauty and their sophistication. They are not always the most social of Fae but they tend to have kind hearts. Blessings this race includes but is not limited to aiding their keeper in learning, performing glamours, attracting love, attracting friends, bringing happiness, gifting keeper with the power of persuasion, and providing inspiration.

General Offerings: Music, brightly colored flowers, sweet smelling oils, paint

Class: White

Depria Fae

Depria Fae are strong-willed and are natural leaders. They often take a leader position among spirit families and aid weaker entities in bettering themselves. They will only answer to their keepers. Depria fae provide guidance, aid in self-discovery, give motivation, and enhance their keeper’s social standing.

General Offerings: Ice, green tea

Class: White

Desska Faery

Desska Fae are very caring and passionate about those things that care for. They are generous fae who give their love freely and are devoutly loyal to their keepers. They will fill your home with life and happiness. This race will strengthen connection with friends, family and living beings in general. They inspire happiness and bring positive energy.

General Offerings: Colorful stones, sentimental gifts

Class: White


Ellefolk are a rare race who are of Danish decent. They possess ancient knowledge and are a highly intelligent race. They are extremely attractive but have cow-tail like tails. They provide visions of the future, can help you seduce anyone, and aid you spell casting and learning.

General Offerings: Parchment paper, dried leaves, sage incense

Class: White

Eurono Faery

The Eurono Fae are a lively race of fae who can bring their keepers much joy and entertainment. They are social and thrive in larger spirit families. They inspire creativity, provide uplift in mood, aid in earthen magick, and can even help with cooking.

General Offerings: Homemade food, bread dough, objects from nature

Class: White

Faery of Intelligence

The Faery of Intelligence has earned its name through its intellectual nature. They are extremely powerful and their power comes from their eagerness to learn and their acute intelligence. They help you remember things accurately, improve memory, aid in learning things with greater ease, and bestow wisdom.

General Offerings: Parchment paper, ink, trivia games, reading while wearing their vessel

Class: White


These Fae are native to France. Although a small race, they are hardworking and enjoy completing all tasks laid before them. This race attracts wealth, opportunity, good luck and offers protection,

General Offerings: Coins, time spent with people with a youthful energy, fresh flowers, cucumbers

Class: White

Fire Faery

This energetic race has influence over the element of fire. They have intense energy that they share with their keeper. They are more independent than most races which makes them excellent for a new keeper or a busy keeper. The fire fae will seek justice for their keeper, aid in vengeance, offer protection, and help you gain control over enemies.

General Offerings: Ashes, coal, burnt objects, lighted candles

Class: White

Flower Fae

The Flower Fae is a small and delicate race. Their wings resemble stained glass. The Flower Fae attracts love, eases stress, aids in all kinds of healing, and helps strengthen bonds.

General Offerings: Flowers, potted plants, seeds, colorful stones

Class: White

Garden Faery

The Garden Fae is a quiet race with sweet personalities. They enjoy tending to plants and can help keep them healthy. They aid in earthen magick, bring uplift in mood and can help your plants grow.

General Offerings: Anything from a garden

Class: White


Although not very attractive, you could hope for no Fae more loyal than the Gwyllion Fae. They are devout in their guardianship and will protect the entire home.

General Offerings: Herbs, cherry stems, dried flowers

Class: White

Kiliki Fae

Kiliki fae are extremely spiritual and are most active at night. Once you bring one into your life you find immediate changes, they are also exceptionally intelligent. They will help you reach spiritual enlightenment, aid in magick, increase your spirituality, and will help you strengthen your connection with the earth.

General Offerings: Berries, flowers, coins, polished gemstones

Class: White

Lutin Fae

The Lutin Fae are a small and mischievous race who derive from France. They are excellent companions who play harmless pranks on their keepers. If you seek a sweet faery with a great sense of humor who can relieve stress, bring happiness, and aid in opening the inner eye, this is the race for you.

General Offerings: Horse hair, flowers, metal, rose incense

Class: White

Manawyddan Fae

Manawyddan fae are native to Wales. Each member is small and are characterized by green wings and eyes. They often appear covered in elaborate body paints. The Manawyddan Fae attract wealth, bring luck in gambling, aid in investing and protect financial assets.

General Offerings: Coins, glass, sage, grass and green candles.

Class: White

Mazikeen Fae

Mazikeen Fae are gifted shape-shifters. They manifest in a variety of forms but most often prefer taking on the form of a small animal. They have wonderful personalities and make great companions when not working. They enhance the psychic senses, cast spells, aid in spell casting and are exceptionally gifted in beauty magick.

General Offerings: Feather, red cloth, rose incense

Class: White

Menahune Fae

They are a race of Hawaiian fae who bring love and peace wherever they go. Menahune Faeries love the color blue and often have blue wings and eyes, although not all do. They ease anger, attract love, and provide happiness.

General Offerings: Anything blue, blue stones, rose petals

Class: White

Oakman Fae

The Oakman Fae are a calm race who come from the forest. When they are kept by human keepers, they act as guardians of the home. They are particularly helpful to pets and plants. One rare ability that they possess is that they can often assist keepers in communicating with the dead. This race also helps their keeper in helping their keeper forming a closer connection to the Earth.

General Offerings: Potted plants, oak leaves, branches

Class: White

Ollo Fae

An energetic and social Fae, the Ollo Fae makes a fantastic magickal companion for any keeper. They are wonderful guardians of the home, can help your garden flourish, attract other white are fae into your life, attract friends, bring harmony into your life and bring happiness.

General Offerings: Water, water lilies, foliage, seeds

Class: White

Perise Fae

The Perise Fae are primarily from Persia. Legend holds that they are born out of flames lit when it is cold outside. They uplift mood, attract friends, and restore harmony.

General Offerings: Grass, dove feathers, soft music

Class: White

Portunes Fae

There are not many members of this race. However, keepers of the Portunes Fae know that this race is very spirited and energetic. They bring good luck, improved sense of humor, and relieve stress.

General Offerings: Yellow ribbon, jazz, paints.

Class: White

Star Faery

This is a very devoted Fae who embraces their keeper with pure love. Faults and all this race of Fae will love you. They desire deep bonds and enjoy personal time together. When happy and relaxed they will manifest and appear as a star shaped orb. They value friendship and mix in well with any spirit family. They can grant nearly any wish and many people prefer to keep these fae instead of Djinn because they are usually more personable!

General Offerings: Clear quartz, having their vessel left under the stars, music.

Class: White

Swan Maiden

This race of Fae comes from Northern Europe. Each member of this race is extremely beautiful and they are known for their mystical energy. This race can grant wishes, foretell the future, give psychic abilities, and attract wealth.

Offerings: Plums, gold colored objects, rings.

Class: White

Tuatha De Danann

These are Irish fae who are believed to be in direct service to the Goddess Danu. They are extremely beautiful and are talented shape-shifters. This race has a wide array of abilities… They can enhance natural appearance, bring good fortune, attract wealth, provide glamors, help with spell castings, and enhance natural senses.

General Offerings: Flowers, string, foliage, branches.

Class: White

Water Faery

The Water Fae—also known as the Asrai Fae—are very diverse in their personality. They are incapable of being evil and each one is unique. The Water Fae can help boost the power of spirits in their keeper’s family, attract water entities, cast powerful spells involving the element of water, help you forge a stronger connection to nature, and aid in spirit communication.

General Offerings: Water, polished stones, river stones, stained glass, flowers

Class: White

Yu Nu Fae

The Yu Nu originated with five Fae who were the attendants of Hsi Wang Mu. The majority of them are female and they are always exceedingly beautiful. Each has their own area of expertise, such as wealth, magick, destiny and so on.

Offerings: Jade, silk, tea.

Class: White

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