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Birds of a Feather

Bat- The Bat is mysterious, if Bat is your totem you will soar to new heights.

Bee- She is a hard working totem. She represents responsibility and reminds us to relax after working hard.

Butterfly- The butterfly shares the importance of enjoying life. She also represents change and creativity.

Dove- She is a bird of peace who aids in communication and brings messages from other realms.

Dragonfly- The dragonfly is care free and gives inspiration.

Eagle- The eagle is a majestic bird. She reminds us to be ever vigilant and to use our own ideas. She also gives us wisdom and represents freedom.

Flamingo- The flamingo encourages inspiration & is laid back. She is colorful and all eyes are on her.

Hummingbird- The hummingbird is a joyous spirit who deals with matters having to do with love and happiness.

Owl- An animal of wisdom, owl gives insight on all matters and guides you to the correct path.

Parrot- The parrot is a marvelous communicator who helps you get your point across. She also encourages travel and having fun.

Peacock- The peacock is a bird of beauty who may warn against vanity or may remind you to keep your confidence up.

Pelican- Pelican represents kindness. He is a wise and gentle sole

Penguin- The penguin is a totem of self-confidence, and is riddled with spiritual energy. She is family-orientated and advises you on all things having to do with relationships.

Quail- The quail is a parental totem. She helps with balance, is protective, and aids with renewal.

Raven- Of all flying totems, the Raven is perhaps the most mystical. She helps with magick and aids with mysterious forces.

Swan- Swan is peaceful and represents innocence. She is beautiful inside and out and aids with all matters having to do with the soul.

Turkey- The turkey is a community-orientated being. He is generous and trusting.

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