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Your First Spirit

Here is a short list of spirits that I often recommend for first time keepers.... Please keep in mind that there are many other wonderful spirits that make great beginner companions and that it is your choice alone!

1. Astral Angels- These angels are kind and nurturing. They are ideal angels for beginners looking for aid in spiritual development or for anyone who seeks a companion that will guide them and offer support.

2. Dragons- Dragons, especially silver dragons. Dragons are extremely social entities that are easy to bond with. I recommend Western Dragons or another White Art Dragon to begin with... Although many Darker Dragons can be ideal companions.

3. Unicorns (ideally white or gold)- Unicorns are gentle creatures who are easy to work with.

4. Raffins- Although a little uncommon, raffins are great first spirits as they are easy to bond with and require little
maintenance, not to mention they are fantastic guardians!

5. Phoenix- Phoenixes are laid back creatures. They are sweet and kind.

6. Arkan Sonney- These are happy-go-lucky creatures who grant the wishes f their keepers and are a delight to have around.

7. White Art Fae- There are several races of white art fae, most are sweet and make great companions.

8. Raiju- For those seeking a first-time spirit that can help them develop new psychic powers or enhance current ones a Raiju is a perfect match!

9. Selkies - A Selkie is best described as being a human with many features of a seal. They are extremely friendly and love to keep company with humans.

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