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Aura Cleanse...

This is a free and simple way to do a basic cleanse of your aura.

What you will need:

Salt, Any kind, I do prefer Sea Salt.

Clear Quartz, Raw and natural is ideal. Polished will work also.

Candles, Any style. Colors black and white.

Incense, sticks or cones. Best choices are sage or dragon's blood.

Warm Bath.

To cleanse your aura does not have to a pricey ritual. Here are some simple tips on how to cleanse your own aura.

Use sea salt, clear quartz, white candles, black candles, and sage or dragon's blood incense. Next run a warm bath, place the seal salt and quartz within the bath. Light your candles and your incense. Take a bath and with each breath picture your aura becoming lighter, cleaner and brighter. When you breath out see the dirt coming out with your breath.

Depending on how dirty your aura is you may want to repeat this a few times. After your first bath you should start to feel better, more healthy, more energy and even sense spiritual energy!

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