BluJay's Haunted Magick     

  Where Magick Begins 

The Magick Of Colors



BLUE -  Protection, Truth, Happiness, Astral projection, Spirit Communication, Loyalty, Tranquility, Induces prophetic dreams, Calming effect, Sleep, Heal headaches, Good fortune, Devotion, Friendship, Reassurance, Understanding, Transformation, Mental and emotional control, Intuition, Health, Creativity, Hope, Sincerity, Spirituality, Divinity, Dream magick, Inner peace, Water element, Wisdom, Peace, Honor, Patience, Communication, Inspiration, Healing, and Contemplation.
Light Blue - Healing, Spiritual color; helpful in devotional or inspirational meditations; brings peace and tranquility to the home; radiates Aquarius energy; employ where a situation must be synthesized.
Magickal Purpose: Emotion, healing, mental, calming, tranquility, sleep peace, loyalty, good will, purifying and protection, hope, sincerity, truth and patience, communication mental, written and oral skills Sleep, twilight
The Personality: Sensitivity, introspection, communication .This person has the sensitivity of a poet or an artist. Loves family and home. Is loyal, conscientious and observant .
Magickal Uses: Water magic. Balance, healing, peace and patience, communications, health friendships, dreams, sleep, inspiration, harmony in the home, meditations
CHAKRA: Fifth, Throat Chakra
PLANET: Neptune/Mercury
DAY: Monday/Moon, Light Blues - peace, patience; Wednesday/Merury, Blues - friendships, creativity, dreams Thursday/Jupiter, Royal Blue - honor, happiness; Saturday/Satun, Dark Blues - communication



BLACK -  Intense concentration of all colors (or lack of them all), it absorbs light. Unlike other
colors, black reflects very little, if any, light back to the viewer. This can give
the false impression that black is the absence of color. It is actually the absence
of color reflection. Think of this color as a black hole in space. It absorbs all
light with little or no reflection back, thus it becomes a receptacle or a transporter
for all that you do not need or want. Properly used, it can be one of the most
useful and powerful colors available. However, misused, it can cause disaster.
Used For: Meditation rituals, uncrossing rituals and spells to banish evil
and negativity, to break up a blocked or stagnant situation. The Crone, the
Magickal Purpose: Absorption, The void of all colors, it has the ability to absorb Quiet power, self-control, restriction, rebirth. Wisdom, Control, Resilience, Discipline.
Personality: Someone who often dwells in his own dark recesses. A loner, but through choice. A strong silent type but someone you don't want to deal with if crossed.
Magickal Uses: Banishing negative thoughts and situations, reversing, uncrossing, binding negative forces, releasing, removing confusion, contact with spirits, dark magic, defensive spells.
ELEMENT: Air, water, fire, earth
PLANET: Saturn
DAY: Saturday



BROWN - Spells to locate lost objects and improve powers of concentration
and telepathy, protection of the familiars and household pets, ground and center
your conciseness with the earth, to attune with trees and communicate with their
Moon and Saturn.
Planet: Moon
Day: Monday/ Friday/ Saturday.
Magickal Purpose: properties and associations for magic, dreams, witch craft and divination Mental, business, legal problems, ambition and Animal Healing (see vet first)
Personality: Agreeable, extroverted, excitable, sociable
Magickal Uses: Personal creativity, career, legal issues, business
CHAKRA: Spleen Chakra
PLANET: Mercury/Mars
DAY: Tuesday-Physical Action Wednesday - Mental Action Sunday - Both Actions



COPPER - Passion, Professional growth, Career maneuvers, Monetary goals, and Fertility in business
Similar to Gold and Orange.



GOLD - Attraction, Money, Prosperity, Attracts the power of cosmic influences, For rituals performed in honor of solar deities, Blessing a home, Wealth, Success, Drawing things toward you, Strengthens other colors, Promotes winning, Safety and power of the male, Happiness, and Playful humor.
Magickal Purpose: Intellect, thought, mental, analysis sun, sunlight, memory and creativity
Personality: Intellectual, learned, introvert, creative, imaginative
Magickal Uses: Concentration, creativity, learning, intellectual, knowledge, understanding, astral projection, telepathy, mental abilities, thoughts. Good for students.
CHAKRA: Solar Plexus
DAY: Sunday- Mental Action , Wednesday - Physical Action



GREY -  Cancellation, Stalemate, Neutrality, and Glamours.
Magickal Purpose: Neutral, calm, peace, darkness with light.
Personality: A balanced type that stays out of conflict, introverted, a loner, likes solitude, peace and quiet.
Magickal Uses: Water Magic, Moon Magic, balance, peace, patience, vision quests.
CHAKRA: Not attributed
DAY: Monday
NUMBER: 6 and 1



GREEN - Material success, Money matters, Prosperity, Fertility, Cooperation, Faith, North cardinal point, Good luck, Children, Growth, Rejuvenation, Counteracts greed and jealousy, Calmness, Earth element, Things and ideas that grow and prosper, Personal goals, Nurturing, Beauty, Luck, Financial success, results Healing/Health, Abundance, Harmony, Finances, Employment, Ambition, To make contact with faeries, Success, Physical healing, Tree and plant magic, and Charity,
Magical Purpose: Nature, growth, prosperity, luck, fertility, changes, rejuvenation, jealousy, envy.
Personality: Extroverted, happy, optimistic, status, possessive, direct
Magickal Uses: Earth magic, Faerie magic, money, luck, fertility, faerie contact, guide contact
CHAKRA: Fourth, Heart Chakra
PLANET: Venus, Jupiter, Mars
DAY: Friday/Venus - love, friendship; Wednesday/Mercury - business transactions; Thursday/Jupiter- Luck, prosperity



ORANGE - Encouragement, Concentration, Attraction, Compassion, Energy, Good harvest,
Warmth, Power, Adaptability, Prosperity, Fortune, Stamina, Discourages
laziness, Psychic energy, Appetite, Solar aspects, Business goals, Career
goals, Selling, Studiousness, Plenty, New home, Material Gain, to Seal a
spell, Justice, Positive thinking, Strength, Courage, Luck, Stimulation,
Success, Vitality, Enhances mental agility, Abundance, Property deals, Ambition, Legal matters, Action, Active finances,
Magickal Purposes: Moving house, attraction, energy, fertility, career and studying.
Personality: Intelligent, business-orientated, strong, courageous, positive and honest.
Magickal Uses: Encouragement, concentration, intellect, knowledge and understanding.
Element: Fire
Direction: South
Chakra: Second, Endocrine Charka
Planet: Sun and Mercury
Day: Sunday, Wednesday
Number: 2



PINK - Overcomes evil, Honor, Morality, Friendship, Kinship, Relaxation, Leisure, Success, Romance, Nurturing, Fidelity, Positive attitude, Harmony, Romance, Peace, Planetary goodwill, Healing of emotions, Affection, Caring, Partnerships of emotional maturity, and femininity.
Magickal Purpose: The hearts emotions, creativity, marriage, friendship, beauty, compassion, relationships, kinder, gentler then red
Personality: This person is a romantic at heart. Likes candlelight dinners and movies, always tries to find the good in everything and everybody, very friendly.
Magickal Uses: Love, beauty, friendships, partnerships, romance, attraction.
CHAKRA: Heart Chakra
DAY: Friday
NUMBER: 1, 0 



PURPLE - Belief, Power, Causes tension, Devotion, Spirituality, Psychic ability, Spiritual power, Sobriety, Meditation, Tension, Success, Self assurance, Clarity of thought, Overcoming business difficulties, Feminine divine, Magickal forces, Power over obstacles, Influencing people in high places, Third Eye, and Independence. Spiritual growth, Abstinence, Knowledge, Spiritual healing, Sensitivity, Strengthens willpower, Business success, and Ambition
Magickal Purpose: Justice, royalty, the psychic, meditation, idealism, mysticism, guidance, divination.
Personality: Proud, independent, mystical arts, religious nature.
Magickal Uses: Protection, justice power, spirit contact, breaking of bad luck, drive away evil, divination, spiritual and psychic powers, Astral Projection. This color is good to use when you don`t have a white candle.
CHAKRA: Brow Chakra
PLANET: Jupiter
DAY: Thursday



RED - Associations: Love, Sexuality, Good Health, Energy, South cardinal point, Passion, Physical Desire, War, Pain, Stimulator, Aphrodisiac, Willpower, Power, Charisma, Career Goals, Survival, Force, Impulsiveness, Danger, Courage, Strength, Vitality, Protection, Lust, Anger, Blood, Attraction, Revenge, Fire, help in Legal Difficulties, Creativity, Action, Vibrancy, Defensive Needs (such as protection from curses), Attacks and Charity.
Magickal Purpose: Fire, passion, life, birth, stimulating, intense, highly-charged, will, ego, potential, anger, aggression, lust, war, courage, strength, fear.
The Personality: Bold, assertive, impulsive, extroverted, passionate, aggressive.
Magic Uses: Energy, passion in love, courage, lust, power, transformation, loyalty, force, sexuality, blood. May be used with black candles.
CHAKRA: Root Chakra
DAY: Tuesday



RAINBOW - Rainbow - joy - combination of all color correspondences. Very Magickal candle and can be used in almost any form of bonding or ritual.



SILVER - Quick money, Moon magic, Channeling, Astral energies, Cancellation, Neutrality, Stability, Lunar spell work, Enhances psychic powers, Divination work, Gambling, Invocation of the moon, Clairvoyance, Psychic protection, Stalemate, Removes negativity, the Goddess, Fertility, and the Subconscious.
Magickal Purpose: Purity, Protection, Ice, Heavenly, Stars, Potential, The Cosmos.
Personality: A person who wants attention, clean, trendy, sharp with soft edges, glitter
Magickal uses: Moon magic, clairvoyance, divination, repelling spells.
PLANET: Moon/Mutable
DAY: Monday/Mutable 



WHITE - Spiritual strength, Faith, Truth, Breaks curses, Righteousness, Purification of a home, Consecration rituals, Divinations, Healing, Clairvoyance, Water element, Protection, Purity, Sincerity, Peace, Devotional magic, Inner peace, Meditation work, Exorcisms, and also used as the All-purpose candle color.
Magickal Purpose: Purity, protection, the moon
Personality: Spiritual, devoted, psychic, protective, open spaces, neatness
Magickal Uses: Moon magic, divination, spirituality, protection, psychic powers, healing, truth, peace
CHAKRA: Chakra
PLANET: Moon/Mutable
DAY: Monday/Mutable



 YELLOW -  Friendship, Persuasion, Self-confidence, Mind, Movement, East cardinal point, Communication, Learning, Conscious mind, Sun magic, the God, Memory, Selling yourself, Accelerated learning, Drawing Joy, Captivation, Comfort, Visions, Mental powers, Attraction, Charm, Creativity, Activity, Healing, Imagination, Happiness, Divination, Sun deities, Concentration, Fertility, Health in body and mind, Logical imagination, Breaking mental blocks, Hypnosis, Fascination, Travel, Jealousy, Wisdom, and Psychic powers.
Magickal Purpose: Intellect, thought, mental, analysis sun, sunlight, memory and creativity
Personality: Intellectual, learn, introvert, creative, light-hearted and outgoing.
Magickal Uses: Concentration, creativity, learning, intellectual, knowledge, understanding, astral projection, telepathy, mental abilities, thoughts. Good for students.
CHAKRA: Solar Plexus
DAY: Sunday- Mental Action, Wednesday - Physical Action



Colors of the Week:

Monday colors: Silvers, grays, creams, whites
Moon: Emotions, protection, healing

Tuesday colors: All shades of red
Mars: Conqueror, power over enemies

Wednesday colors: Yellows
Mercury: Healings mental

Thursday colors: Royal purple, royal blue
Jupiter: growth, expansion, generosity

Friday colors: Greens, pinks, pastels
Venus: Lovers and pleasure, affairs of the heart

Saturday colors: Black, dark purples, dark blues
Saturn: Obstacles, to give or break, to overcome or block

Sunday colors: Oranges, yellows, gold
Sun: Health, prosperity, leadership, joy, protection



Zodiac Candle colors
Aries: Red
Taurus: Green
Gemini: Yellow or silver
Cancer: White
Leo: Gold or yellow
Virgo: Gray
Libra: Royal blue
Scorpio: Black or red
Sagittarius: Dark blue or purple
Capricorn: Black or dark brown
Aquarius: Light blue
Pisces: Aquamarine