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Stone Meanings and Magickal Uses

Agate - Agate comes in a wide variety of colors all have different properties but each has proprieties in common. Agate is one of the strongest protection stones one can hope for. Agate helps stop bad dreams and helps prevent energy drains. It also attracts strength to the user. It also helps people overcome fear, negative feelings and eases anger. Physical healing properties of agate is helping with all problems of the digestive system. Keep agate stone with you to help make important decisions.
Colors - Varies
Zodiac - Gemini, Taurus, Virgo, Libra and Capricorn
Magickal Uses - Protection and Healing
Amazonite - Amazonite is primarily a healing stone that promotes kindness, improves confidence, dispels negative energy, dissolves sadness, and enhances communication. Amazonite helps balance the emotions and improves physical stamina. Carry an amazonite stone to calm nerves and promote relaxatio.
Colors: Blue/Blue Green
Zodiac: - Virgo
Magickal Uses - Healing and Relaxing
Amethyst - Amethyst is a stone of the mind. It is often used to help cure insomnia. This stone is known to help encourage clear thoughts and clarify the mind. Ancient Egyptians used amethyst to help reduce fear and wrongful feelings of guilt. It is known to help headaches if rubbed across your forehead. This can be used in your home to help keep a positive feeling around the house. Wear this stone to help with meditation
Aquamarine - Aquamarine is a great stone to promote peace and relaxation even to busiest and most stressed person. This was often carried by sailors to protect them on voyages and is referred to as "the stone of the sea". This stone aides in achievement of higher levels of spiritual attunment. Aquamarine is a very useful tool is helping communication.... Couples with a troubled relationship should keep this stone close by. Carry or wear this stone to boost self awareness and increase confidence.
Colors - Blue, Green
Zodiac - Scorpio and Aquarius
Magickal uses - Protection, Power, Healing
Carnelian - This is the stone of confidence and action! It gives energy, helps develop a good sense of humor, increases ambition, gives courage, it also helps balance creativity. Rids its owner of bad tempers, envy, fear, and passivity. Carry this stone to cleanse yourself of insecurity and gain a positive outlook
Colors - Reds and Oranges
Zodiac - Virgo, Aries, Taurus
Magickal Uses - Healing and Boosting Confidence
Celestite - This stone provides positive and uplifting energies. It is a very spiritual stone that is often used to open the inner eye. It can also be used to help you better connect with spirits and entities. This is an ideal vessel for angels of all types.
Color - Clear, Blue, Gray, Orange, and Reddish brown
Magickal Uses - Power, Love, Angelic Guidance
Citrine - Citrine is a stone that can help its owner achieve success. It helps people gain self discipline, boost self esteem, and gain will power. This stone brings happiness and joy into your life. It promotes open minds to those close to it. Citrine is used by many people to relieve depression and solve problems with friends and family. I myself use this stone to reduce anxiety. Carry this stone to help open your mind to endless possibilities.
Colors - Yellow to Golden Brown
Zodiac - Gemini and Leo
Magickal Uses - Money, Luck, Protection, and Healing
Dumortierite - This stone is a helpful stone when it comes to increasing mental capabilities. It can help you learn new things. It's an ideal stone for students or just for anyone seeking to expand their knowledge. If you are disorganized this can be a good tool for you! It can be used to help open the third eye. Assist spirit keepers in communicating with spirits. Dumortierite gives its owner more patience and greater tolerance. Aids healing of nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and cramps. Meditate or sleep with dumortierite to stimulate psychic abilities.
Colors - Blue
Magickal Uses - Power and Learning
Epidote - This is referred to as the stone of attraction, meaning that it will work on your feelings and bring things related to those feelings to you. For example, if you feel kind it will attract people's kindness towards you, if you feel loving it will attract love to you, and so on. The downside of this stone is that if you feel negative energies it will attract those to you as well. However, this can be beneficial in that it will help you see negative characteristics in yourself and encourage you to try to be more positive.
Colors - Green
Zodiac - Gemini, Virgo
Magickal Uses - Attraction and Abundance
Emerald - This emerald is also known as the healer's stone. This is probably because it helps improve eyesight, strengthen immune system, and can help detoxify blood. It is also known to help cure insomnia and lift feelings of depression. It brings security in love, encourages spiritual growth, helps its owner find justice, brings back happy memories, and can help bring romance into one's life. This is a wonderful and well loved stone for Djinn.
Colors - Green
Zodiac - Taurus and Gemini
Magickal Uses - Healing, Hope, and Luck
Garnet - If you as if your business pursuits are not as successful as they should they should be, try out putting three or more Garnet stones in your desk, office, or general work place. Keeping a garnet stone under your pillow will help cure insomnia... If you wear one or more of these beautiful stones as jewelry it can help you improve your sense of self worth and help you make friends. Wearing this stone helps encourage those around to you to tell the truth.
Colors -Reds and Greens
Zodiac - Aquarius, Libra, Capricorn
Magickal Uses Luck, Money, Love, and Healing,
Hematite - This is a powerful memory enhancing stone. Hematite is also used to help clear thoughts. Native Americans believed that this stone could make one invincible in battle. It can make one hopeful and more ambitious and hels reduce grief.
Colors - Gray
Zodiac - Aries and Aquarius
Magickal Uses - Love, Protection, and Healing
Jade - This stone can be used to attract love.. When carved into the shaped of a butterfly, this stone is the Chinese symbol of love. Jade can also bring wealth and prosperity into your life. Another appealing feature of Jade is that it attracts luck to whomever holds it. The stone is a well known symbol of calm and serenity. It will help you clear your mind of negative thoughts. **Wear this stone to help you sense the truth in all situations**
Colors - Green
Zodiac - Pisces, Libra
Magickal Uses - Love, Healing, Protection, and Wealth
Moonstone - Moonstone is a stone that helps with emotions. It calms and soothes those around it. It can help us bring out our kinder, more nurturing side. This stone helps control emotions. Many Eastern cultures believed that wearing moonstone could attract new love into your life. It brings good fortune into people's lives and will always help you have passion.
Colors - Varies
Zodiac - Cancer and Sagittarius
Magickal Uses - Luck, Power, Healing, and Love
Obsidian - This is a stone of honesty, sincerity, and truth. It can be used to help you see your flaws clearly, and will give you insight to correct them.Obsidian can help keep your thoughts from becoming negative. This is a very powerful stone that is often used by people with addictions to over come their negative behavior. If placed on an aching spot in your body in can help relieve pain.
Colors - Black
Magickal Uses - Healing, Truth and Protection
Onyx - Onyx can help you sort through emotions easily and assist you in cleansing yourself of negative thoughts and feelings. It can also help sharpen senses.
Colors - Black
Zodiac - Capricorn
Magickal Uses - Protection, Healing
Petrified Wood - Petrified wood is very very powerful. It can help you remove obstacles, and reach goals.
Colors - Reds, Oranges, and Browns
Zodiac - Leo
Magickal Uses - Power, Protection, Healing
Quartz, Blue - Blue quartz is a good stone for the stressed person. It relaxes and calms whoever holds it. It can cause feelings of peacefulness and inspire hope. **Have blue quartz with you to banish fear**
Colors - Blue
Magickal Uses - Power, Love, Healing
Quartz, Crystal - Crystal quartz is an amazing stone for amplifying the powers and energies of other stones. It is also a powerful tool in mediation. Let clear quartz sit under a full moon for 8 hours and then use it a offering for all spirit types.
Colors - Clear White
Zodiac - Pisces, Leo, Capricorn
Magickal Uses - Magick, Power, and Healing
Quartz, Rose - Rose quartz is one of my personal favorites! This is known as the love stone. When someone who is single wears or carries the stone it will help attract love, if someone in a relationship places this under their pillow, it will help strengthen their bond with their partner. It gives inner peace to its owner and helps improve all aspects of love.
Colors - Pink
Zodiac - Aries
Magickal Uses - Love and Passion
Quartz, Smokey - Smokey quartz is the worker's ideal stone. It transforms negative energies into energy needed to get work done. It increases organization skills. Smokey quartz is also known to help relive depression.
Colors - Gray or Black
Zodiac - Scorpio
Magickal Uses - Power, Money, and Healing
Ruby - A very power stone indeed... A ruby is said to attract love and increase sexual pleasure and passion. If you sleep with a ruby under your pillow it will be less likely that you will suffer from nightmares.
Colors - Deep Red
Zodiac - Capricorn, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, and Scorpio
Magickal Uses - Love and Healing
Sapphire - Wearing a sapphire inspires a clear thinking mind. It also helps the wearer tell the difference between truth and lies in many situations. Sapphires are a symbol of loyalty.
Colors - Blue
Zodiac - Aquarius, Virgo, Libra and Capricorn
Magicka; Uses Power, Love, Healing
Serpentine - In ancient Assyria, people used to carry this stone with them to encourage the Gods and Goddesses to provide them with blessings. It also helps banish black magic and attract luck. It also grants the owner the ability to solve conflicts peacefully.
Colors - Green
Magickal Uses - Balance Emotions, Protection and Healing
Tiger's Eye - Tiger Eye is said to be the stone of focus. If you need to concentrate on something important, be it studying, people, or work, this is the stone for you! It inspires clear thinking and implants self confidence.
Colors - Browns-Blues-Reds
Zodiac - Pisces, Gemini, and Capricorn
Magickal Use - Luck, Protection, Healing
Topaz - Promotes individuality and creativity. It will also inspire clear thoughts and help you make important decisions. When combined with amethyst this stone helps to create a stabilizing effect. My personal favorite feature of this stone is that it replaces feelings with feelings of joy.
Colors - Pink, Green, Red, Gold, Yellow, Blue, White, Brown, Gray and Clear
Zodiac - Sagittarius
Magickal Uses - Give Hope, Healing
Turquoise - This is one the ultimate truth stones. It helps you see yourself honestly and helps you to sense the truth. It also absorbs negative energy. Helps rid yourself of low self esteem.
Colors - Blue-Green
Zodiac - Aquarius, Capricorn, Pisces, Sagittarius
Magickal Uses - Truth and Warding Away Negative Energy