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To Remove Doubt

Tools You Will Need:

1 Blue Candle

1 Purple Candle

1 knife to inscribe

1 living plant (can be anything so long as it does not die every year, trees and bushes for example)

3 hazel nuts (crushed)

Sea Salt

Cauldron with hot water inside

Inscribe the word “believe” on the purple and the word “truth” on the purple one.

Cast your circle however you choose, and invite the Goddess into it.

Envision whatever doubts plague your mind, be it distrust of yourself or feelings of doubt about a spirit.

Light each candle.

Place the crushed hazel nuts into the hot water inside of the cauldron.

Sprinkle some salt onto the water.

Be sure that the water is hot enough to where you can see steam rising from it, watch the steam rise and imagine all of your doubt disappearing with it.

As you watch the steam whisper to yourself “let my doubts go with you

Let my thoughts be open to new

So mote it be”

Repeat this phrase as many times as you feel is necessary.

Wait for the water to cool down and for the candles to finish burning. Take a portion of wax from each candle and add it to the cauldron. Then take the water and pour it onto a plant that will grow year-round.

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