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Guiding You to Your Guide

All of these totems guide us and offer wisdom to us..... But most people find that they have one animal totem that is a constant in their life. But how do you tell which animal is your totem? There is no clear cut way to tell, but here are some questions to ask yourself to help you identify which animal is your main totem:

~ Have you ever found yourself drawn to one animal in particular? You find yourself day dreaming about this animal, perhaps even imagining being that animal.

~ Does art work or figurines of a certain animal attract you? Perhaps you have a "collection" based off a certain type of animal.

~ Is there a certain animal that appears in your daily life? It doesn't have to appear in physical form, perhaps you see this animal in dreams, a shape in the clouds, pictures, TV shows etc.

~ Have you ever had a reoccurring dream of a certain animal?

Depending on your answers to these questions, you may discover your animal spirit totem!

If you still are unclear as what your spirit animal is, here is a simple spell to encourage your spirit animal to come in a dream:

Do this spell for three nights in a row, the day before the full moon, the day of the full moon, and the day after the full moon. Within a week of doing this spell you should have a dream with your totem animal in it.

For the three nights in which you should do this spell, meditate before you go to sleep, mediate as long as you feel is needed.

Say this invocation three times:

"While I slumber, help me gain the gifts of animal sight.

While I slumber, my animal spirit will show me what's right.

While I slumber, reveal to me what I must see.

While I slumber, my animal totem connects with me."

I also recommend keeping a record of your dreams during this time, your spirit totem can be anything as small as a bug or as large as a whale!

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