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Questions about Direct Binding

We get quite a few requests to do "direct binding" (directly binding a spirit to a person's body).... We are happy to accommodate our customers and will fulfill this request, these are questions that are commonly asked about direct bindings and hopefully this will help you decide if direct binding if for you!

Q: Will you do direct bindings for anyone?

A: Yes, if direct binding suits you best we will do it.... However it should be noted that direct binding is best done for experienced keepers. The reason for this is that it those who are not sensitive may find the sudden urge of energy rather surprising and may not be comfortable with it. Also, new keepers who have had direct bindings done often report difficulty communicating with their spirits for the first few months. But every person is different, some people are naturally sensitive and have their first spirit directly bound to them and have no problems.

Q: When binding does the Coven use a permanent binding or is our body only a vessel, so when we pass on our Entities will be free to move about?

A: We do not do permanent direct bindings. We don't do this because on occasion, a keeper and their spirit may find that they have outgrown each other, and you and your spirit may decide that it is time for the spirit to seek a new keeper (this is not a common occurrence but it has happened). Another reason for this is that keepers generally outlive their spirits.... When a keeper dies their spirit may choose to follow them into the afterlife, or you and your spirit may decide that the spirit wishes to return to its realm or serve another. Your body will simply be a vessel for your spirit.

Q: Are there any rejections which can take place when trying to bind to a person?

A: It is possible..... But it is very very rare that a keeper will feel bound to a certain spirit, or the spirit will call out to a keeper, and that it will reject being directly bound to them.

Q: Are there any spirits that should not be directly bound to a person's body?

A: We do not recommend having black art spirits bound, and there are a few dark arts spirit that you should use caution when having them directly bound. Some spirits have an intense energy, if they are bound directly to your body it may prove over whelming for you to handle, this is especially true with inexperienced keepers. We will not do a direct binding if the spirit is dangerous or has to intense of an energy.

Q: Do you do soul binding?

A: No.... We do not do soul binding for a number of reasons.

Direct binding is a wonderful thing for keepers who always want their spirits near them. Keepers often find that their closest bond is with spirits that are directly bound to them! It is an important decision and should be taken seriously.

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