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Centering and Grounding

When performing meditation, or preparing for a ritual or bonding, it may be necessary for you to allow yourself a way to clear out any doubts or drifting thoughts. This is called centering and grounding because this process is approached in two separate parts. First, before beginning anything else, not surroundings make sure you are comfortable if you are planning to meditate, and then I steady your breathing.

Centering - Center yourself by slowly bringing you awareness inward. Since we spend most of our lives focusing outward it may take some practice to become comfortable with this idea. This is also the time when you have the drifting thoughts those things that just pop into your head. The hardest part of centering is letting these thoughts come for a time, then simply putting them aside to focus on yourself and what you are about to do. It sounds easy, but think of it another way how many times have you tried to fall asleep and couldn't because these thoughts kept popping into your mind. Same thing, only your goal is to remain awake! Or at least, to relax enough for meditation but not so far as to fall asleep.

Grounding - Grounding is a two part process: first to allow any lingering negative thoughts to flow harmlessly away, and second to provide yourself a stable link while you are working. One way is to start by connecting to the Earth through your feet. See it as a cord of energy from your body that reaches down into the Earth, and a similar cord that reaches up to you from the Earth, with the two cords weaving together. Through this cord allow any energy buildup to drain down into the Earth, Knowing that it will be harmlessly dispersed, and feel the stability of the Earth. This is also a major point to remember when working magic: if you do not allow yourself an outlet for the excess energy you have built up, it will remain with you. This is why many Witches cast circles for magickal workings; it contains energy until released

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