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Who Is BluJay76?

More about me...Spirit keeping, conjuring and casting are such a big part of my life that I could not picture life without it. I have been with my coven for pretty close to 25 years and I am so blessed to have them in my circle.

Magick...I believe in white, gray and dark magick. I do not fear the dark and I do not feel it is wrong. Dark is natural to this earth and if cast right it can bring about many blessings while harming no innocent. Some fear dark magick and I understand. I just view dark magick as another part of Mother Nature.

I love people, one of the greatest things about being a seller on eBay for 6 years was meeting so many wonderful people. Before eBay our spells and magick were offered privately since 1999 We all feel so blessed to have this chance to offer our items worldwide now.

I love animals, I worry often about what humans are doing to this earth and the animals that live here. I worry that if we keep this up our Grandchilden will be forced to live on a dying earth.

I love spirits and having them in my life in such a blessing. I love making perfect human/spirit matches and hearing about that blossoming of your bond.

I am really a very happy person who does my best to bring happiness to others. If you have any questions about me or my craft please feel free to email me.

My coven sister's will be adding their info also. They like to remain in the shadows but it's time you meet them as well!

Love and Light

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