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Alans are half-bird and half human, how they appear varies. Some look like humans who, instead of having arms, have wings and feathers along their body. They are extremely friendly to humans. This race is known to offer companionship, will attract friends, increase empathy, and bring an uplift in mood.

General Offerings: Foliage, music, colorful objects

Class: White Arts


A creature of Japanese descent, they have a striking appearance with the head of a lion, body of a horse, tail of a cow and feet of a tiger. For keepers that was to communicate with their spirits in dreams I often recommend this race. Their main abilities include ridding you of nightmares, aiding in lucid dreaming, bringing good luck, and bestowing pleasant dreams.

General Offerings: Music, fun activities, silk, clover, safe incense.

Class: White Arts


Beschi are tiny lizards with transparent wings. They are friendly and unique. They have a unique energy they share with their keeper, they broaden the sense and open minds and bring excitement. These are one of the most fun races to keep!

General Offerings: Not required. Time spent with them and dried leaves can be offered occasionally however.

Class: White Arts


Brownies are small humanoid creatures that are very hairy. They enjoy being around their keepers and their keeper's family.

The Brownie most commonly provides support in times of need, relieve stress, offer advice, and can aid you in completing daily tasks.

General Offerings: Milk, chocolate, lavender incense.

Class: White Arts


The Bucca are water hobgoblins who make loyal companions. They warn their keepers of danger and give advice to ensure a happy future.

General Offerings: Water, steam, sea salt, bread

Class: White Arts


Bugganes are shape-shifting entities who are similar to fae in behavior. They will often manifest to their keeper in the shape of a horse. These rare spirits attract water spirits, aid in a closer connection to the element of water, help you become more in touch with nature, and dispel negativity.

General Offerings: Water, ice, sugar.

Class: White Arts


Gryphons (also spelled “griffin”) have the body of a lion with the head and wings of an eagle. They are proud beasts and make fierce guardians. Gryphons are extremely loving and devoted. To their keeper they provide unfettering protection, attraction of wealth, protection of financial assets, connection with other realms, and so much more.

General Offerings: Branches, coins, shiny objects, metals, money.

Class: White Arts


A hippogriff (also spelled hippogryph) is the result of the mating between a griffin and a horse. They have the head, front claws, and wings of a gryphon and the body and rear legs of a horse. They are somewhat uncommon but are very wonderful and possess a wide array of gifts. Some of these gifts include helping you achieve goals you never thought possible, attract love, enhance romance, increase natural beauty, strengthen bonds with your friends, family, and lovers; you will become more seductive, and the granting of wishes.

General Offerings: Sugar, silk, brown stones.

Class: White Arts


Gnomes are wise little who work hard to fulfill their keeper's desires. They are perfect for granting wisdom, attraction of wealth, good luck, and offering protection.

General Offerings: Mushrooms, time spent outside, raw stones, shiny objects.

Class: White Arts


A Kinnara is sprite-like, they are refined and elegant. The Kinnara are a truly beautiful race that offer their keeper many blessings. They will bring balance & harmony into your life, ease depression, relieve stress, and provide an uplift in mood.

General Offerings: Hand-made objects, shiny objects, metals.

Class: White Arts


The leshy are a race of shape-shifters that come from the forest. They are fun spirits to have and are always adorable usually have large green eyes. The Leshy will add excitement to their keeper’s life, open minds, bring good humor, and add fun and entertainment to your life.

General Offerings: Twigs, dirt, squishy objects,

Class: White Arts


The Pixie is similar to a fae in their appearance. They are very energetic spirits and enjoy interaction with their keepers. The Pixie will bring its keeper good luck, prosperity, uplift in mood and more.

General Offerings: Rose petals, polished stones, lavender incense and time spent outdoors.

Class: White Arts


They are attractive creatures that are half bird, and half other animal. They help forge a stronger connection to the element they work with.

General Offerings: Polished gem stones, salt, shiny objects.

Class: White Arts


A Tampi resembles a butterfly, they only serve those who are pure of heart and are somewhat similar to fae in their behavior. They bring blessings, good luck, prosperity, happiness, attraction of friends, love, strengthened bonds, and dispel negative powers.

General Offerings: Flowers, raw stones, tea leaves, white candles.

Class: White Arts


These are spirits who manifest as either a beautiful woman or a handsome man. They will occasionally manifest as an animal. They are focused on enhancing your current skills and talents. They will amplify whatever your current abilities are.

General Offerings: Blue stones, water, fresh flowers.

Class: White Arts


They are small creatures covered in fur. They make excellent and fun companions. Yecks perform powerful glamours, give humans the power of invisibility, give superhuman strength, and grant physical & mental endurance. Many are also gifted at beauty magick.

General Offerings: Silk, raw stones, colorful cloth.

Class: White Arts

General Info

Although this is a broad overview of white magick creatures, it should be noted that no two spirits or entities are exactly the same. Each is a unique individual and should be treated as such. Many of members of these races will have more abilities than what is listed here. This is meant as a broad guide that will help you get started on your quest for knowledge. There are hundreds more races than what we have listed here; these are just the most common white art creatures. If you see a race that you feel should be included please contact us. 

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