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Sealing a Bond...Sealing a bond with your new entity is a must. There is no way around it, if you want to see blessings this is something you have to do. Entities have feelings as well as needs. Think about it, would you do any favors for a person who told you what to do and never even thanked you? So why would a entity do it? Also bonding with a entity is amazing and rewarding!

Problems bonding? Bonding will vary from entity to entity. Some will be fast and others will be a little slower. Just keep working at it and keep your entity close to you.

Problems bonding or limited contact? Don't blame yourself or think their is no hope. A lot of time it's just a simple block cause by a dirty aura. A dirty aura happens to us all and it can happen just from walking next to the wrong person.

More to come on bonding and problems bonding!

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