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Will My Spirits Harm Me or Others?

 No spirit that we offer is evil and will harm no innocent person, including you. When we conjure a spirit we place a binding on them so that if they ever attempt to harm an innocent person they are banished back to their realm. These bindings prevent any spirit from causing any type of harm, if they were to attempt to cause harm they would be auto-banished to their realm.

These Bindings prevent spirits from:


*Causing loss to their keeper

*Intentionally disobeying keeper's rules

*Trying to harm your other spirits

*Purposely frightening your family, friends and pets

*Purposely frightening you.

*Physically harming anyone (death, major illness, life-threatening illness, sexual assault etc.)

*Breaking apart happy couples

Of course my coven and I go to extreme lengths to ensure that no spirit we offer would ever do these things. We do extensive readings before each spirit is offered and each spirit is tested, tested, tested and tested again. Thankfully these bindings are rarely-if ever-used. We place these bindings on spirits for the peace of mind of the keeper.

Some spirits we offer are deliverers of just karma, they will deliver karma that someone who has wronged you. They will not go overboard with serving justice however, this prevents you from receiving negative karma by going over what the Goddess has planned.

We also do not offer any spirit that is in connection with Satan or any evil being.

Every spirit we offer is read carefully before being offered to ensure that they are not evil.

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