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Centaurs have the body of a horse and the upper body of a human. They offer protection, guidance, and aid improving your sex life. Some will also offer their keeper guidance and advice.

General Offerings: Music, satin, velvet, foliage, cherry stems.

Class: Gray


A Hippocampus resembles a horse with limbs of a whale or dolphin. They are peaceful and wonderful companions for any level of keeper. To their keeper they bring good luck, attract safe powerful entities, install harmony, and gift energy to other spirits in your family.

General Offerings: Sea salt, water, sea shells, clear quartz.

Class: White


The kelpie is a horse that lives in water and is a talented shape shifter. They can be hard to handle sometimes but make wonderful companions. They offer valuable insight into other realms, knowledge of water creatures, aid in conjuration and attraction of entities.

General Offerings: Water plants, being placed near water, citrine, branches.

Class: Gray


A Ki-Lin is a Chinese unicorn. They are a gentle race and bless their keeper in many ways. Their abilities include bringing gifts keeper with wisdom, brings justice to keeper, provides healing, and they will encourage good moral standing to those around you.

General Offerings: Gemstones, fresh foliage, flowers.

Class: White


The Pegasus is a stunning race that is astonishing to behold. They are winged horses who make excellent companions.

White Pegasus

The White Pegasus brings renewal, removes negative blocks, cleanses the spiritual body, supplies healing, and brings psychic gifts. In color they range from pure white to silvery-white.

General Offerings: Flowers, foliage, polished gemstones, lighted candles.

Class: White

Dark Pegasus

The Dark Pegasus makes a wonderful companion. They are known to be able to travel freely among realms. This race will provide protection for keeper and keeper's family, enhance psychic abilities, bring justice, and increase all magick done by keeper.

General Offerings: Thistle, dried fruit, berries, jasper.

Class: Gray


Unicorns are one of the most sought out races in spirit keeping. There are three sub races of the unicorn; these being white, gold and dark.

Dark Unicorns

Dark unicorns are very desirable as they offer a wide array of blessings. Some require an experienced keeper but some are very easy to handle. They range in color from being charcoal to being jet black. The Dark Unicorn can increase their keeper's psychic senses, excel in bestowing visions of the past and future, helping you connect with other realms, enhancing all magick performed by you or your spirits. They are also known to enhance their keeper’s sex life.

General Offerings: Being affectionate, sensual activities, strawberries.

Class: Gray

Gold Unicorns

The gold unicorn is one of the three sub races of unicorns. They are primarily focuses on bringing wealth to their keeper. They also attract luck, bring wealth, bring opportunity, aid in success, and remove negative blocks.

General Offerings: Coins, polished gemstones, flowers.

Class: White

White Unicorn

The most common of these races is the white unicorn. The white unicorn offers its keeper healing, renewal, bringing good luck, prosperity, and protection.

General Offerings: Music, flowers, honey, fresh foliage, cold water, lighted candles.

Class: White


The xypher is horse-like in appearance and leads its keeper to success. They do this by removing negative blocks, bringing opportunities, good luck, offering guidance, increasing confidence, and helping keeper reach their goals.

General Offerings: Lemon water, fruits, lighted candles, stones of any kind, dirt.

Class: White

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