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Are Your Cursed Or Blessed?

You need:

Piece of burlap

Piece of wool

Piece of silk (any color)

Some polished stones (polished) from a river or stream

A Fresh leaf

A bowl of fruit and/or bread

A dead branch from woods. One that has never touch human hands before it ideal but not a must.

Lay the silk, burlap and wool at the foot of your. About 5' from the foot of your bed, toward the left, lay the branch. About 5 feet from the foot of your bead, toward the right, place the bowl. The branch is the barren curse and the bowl is the bountiful life that withers the curse. Lay one stone on each cloth then lay a path from the wool, straight down the center, between the bowl and the branch. The stones must touch. At the end lay the leaf. By laying the stones, you show respect for the fates and the balance of life. Light three candles (any color or any style) and incense (Good choice is Sandalwood) and meditate . Sleep without touching the items. When you wake, watch how much the stones have moved. If they bias the branch, you are cursed. If they bias the bowl, you are blessed. If it doesn't move, no outside force is affecting you. If you are cursed, how far it has moved will determine the strength of the curse. Reset the path, and that night, light the three candles and the incense and meditate again over the rite. Sleep again without touching anything. The path should have moved less than the first time. Repeat this every night until the path stays in the middle. Next, move the path toward the bowl following the same meditation and sleep process as before. Continue this every night until the path stays at the bowl. When it has done so, you may complete the rite. Touch nothing, but for the three following nights, meditate over the rite, to seal your new fate. The stones must be returned to the river or stream where you got them from. The branch must be returned to the forest floor where you found it, and the leaf cast to the wind. The bowl of fruit must be eaten, and the cloth must be saved in a dark place, undisturbed.

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