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Bonding Problems and Solutions

At some point during each keeper’s life, we all experience some difficulty in bonding with a spirit. This can be caused by a number of things and often times it is not hard to fix. Some common reasons for difficult bonding include:

1. Blocked Aura

Believe it or not one of the #1 reasons for trouble in bonding with a spirit is simply a blocked aura. Blocks occur for a variety of reasons; such as stress or lack of sleep. Luckily a blocked aura is a relatively easy-fix. I offer two free aura cleanses on my website that you may use.

2.Feelings of Doubt

This is another major cause of inability to bond (especially for new keeper). If you doubt your spirit’s existence, loyalty, or connection with you this will make it very difficult to merge energies and seal your bond. Unfortunately, this problem is a bit harder to solve. There are several spells you may do to help put your mind at ease. I can also recommend meditating, asking your current spirits for guidance and keeping your unbonded spirit’s vessel with you at all time.

3. Too Many at Once!

As soon as a new spirit is listed--one that you just have to have and feel an instant connection with—you just have to buy it. And this is fine, we always encourage a keeper to purchase any spirit they feel a connection with to avoid regrets later one, after all, if the spirit calls for you he/she is probably a major part of your destiny. Where many keepers stumble however is trying to bond with too many spirits at one time. Sometimes it is okay to bond with two or more spirits at once, but sometimes it is not. You must use discretion when figuring out how many spirits to bond with at one particular time. If you plan to bond with an entity that is known for having a difficult bonding process make sure that he/she is the only one you are bonding with at that time.

4. Not Centered

When keepers begin bonding with a new spirit, often times they are so excited that they jump right into bonding and take no time to meditate and center their energy. To bond you must be relaxed and centered, take time to meditate and understand that there is no rush in bonding. It is meant to be a pleasurable experience with no deadline.

5. You Have a Hard Spirit to Bond With

It’s true. Some spirits are harder than others to bond with. This is especially true with dark spirits, who often have a more intense energy. It also may be true of spirits who were previously abandoned by their keeper or have faced some form of emotional trauma. With these spirits all you can do is use patience and understanding. Try performing the bonding ritual several times a week until you have sealed your bond.

The most important rule of bonding is to NEVER GIVE UP! Love requires work…. But in the end it is all worth it!

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