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Sex Spirits

For a complete list of spirits please join our forum. We have a more in depth look into behaviors and offerings for a wider variety of spirits.

The Cambion - Are highly sexual beings who are stunningly beautiful. They are the hybrid of an incubus/succubus human mix. Being half human makes them very human senstive and they know are needs well.

The Nympho - There are many types of nympho's to choose from. All have certain strong points and enjoy a certain sex type. Some may be bold and others shy but each is an entity of sexual pleasure.

The Incubus - Is a male entity who is highly sexual and can be a modern ladies or mans best friend. They are loyal, loving and giving. They are gifted shap shifters who will often appear in lucid dreams.

The Succubus - Is a female entity who desires the touch of her lover. She can be anyone and act any way you wish her to. Through Lucid dreams she can feel as real as any human.

The Carpathian Vampire - If you love vampires with a sexual side then this race is for you. Very sexy and more vivid them most. There allure is strong and if passed onto you you will become noticed, adored and spoiled. They are also protectors who keep you away from bad people and ward away evil spirits.

One a personal note...I get a lot of emails from people who worry that a sex based entity will not bond with them because of they are gay. What any entity wants most is a loving keeper. That is what is most important to us and the spirits we offer. One of my coven sisters is gay so we would never ever offer or work with a spirit who would not serve a keeper based on who they love. Most sexual entities are Bi but if you want one that prefers only one gender I assure I can find him or her for you.

Just email me!

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