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Abchanchu vampires are one of the darkest race of vampires. They are powerful in their abilities but can be difficult to handle. It is best if they are kept by a keeper who has some experience with dark spirits or vampires. Although they can be somewhat difficult for an inexperienced keeper to handle, this race can gift you with the power of persuasion, control minds of your enemies, remove people who stand in your way, give you dominance of people around you, help you gain social status, and gift you with energy.

Offerings: Usually allowing them to do their job is satisfactory.

Class: Dark

Ancient Bat Vampire

Ancient Bat Vampires are an ancient race and are not recommend for a beginning keeper. They have an intense energy and need a firm hand. We are typically only able to offer them as spirits and not living entities. They offer their keeper vast protection, boosting of dark magick in the home, boosting keeper’ energy, aiding keeper in gaining psychic abilities, and amplifying keeper’s strengths.

Offerings: Meat, tiger’s eye, keeper exercising while wearing vessel

Class: Dark

Aqua Vampire

Aqua vampires, when in life, would drain all water from their victims. They are a race who can camouflage into their surroundings, allowing them to complete tasks without interference. Some members of this race should only be kept by an experienced keeper. They can drain energy from opponents and give it to you, provide a connection to the element of water, guidance, gift you with enhanced senses, and will offer vast protection.

Offerings: Water, aloe, fruit, succulent plants.

Class: Dark

Baobhan Sith

These vampires are stunningly beautiful and derive from Scotland. They are an exciting and seductive race who are avid shape-shifters. They either appear as a beautiful woman or as a woodland creature. They are intense in their energy. The Baobhan Sith provide minor glamors, enhance natural beauty, gift you with an insight into nature, open inner eye, strengthen your weak points, and can help you seduce lovers.

Offerings: Music, foliage.

Class: Gray

Carpathian Vampire

The Carpathian Vampire is a sexual vampire race that derives from the Carpathian Mountains. Each member of this race is sensual, beautiful, and powerful. They are ideal for keepers who are seeking a spirit to revamp their sex or love life. This race is known to strength psychic blessings, work with all types of love magick, attract friends and strengthen weak points.

Offerings: Rose incense, rose quartz, smoky quartz, and satin.

Class: Gray


A true mystic of the vampire species, Manananggals possess great powers that will rival those of any being. They are temperamental but in the hands of the right keeper display great powers. This race is well-known for blessing their keeper with enhancement/development of psychic powers, and enhancement of natural beauty.

Offerings: Aloe, velvet.

Class: Dark


A rare African race, the Obayifo is recommend for a lover of vampires and dark entities. They are highly magickal beings that specialize in dark magick. The people of Africa consider them to be witches and they are capable of casting any spell big or large.

Offerings: Food, well-lit areas.

Class: Dark

Psy Vampire

Psy vampires are one of the more common races. They absorb energy and feed it to you to give you abilities you never thought possible. They will not take energy from just one person as to draining too much of their energy. Your psy vampire will bless you with strengthened psychic abilities, ability to see the future, intense visions, connection to the astral realm, better communication with spirits, boost in self-confidence, empowerment, independence, emotional and physical endurance, and vampire-like senses.

Offerings: Aloe, incense, soap, physical activities, amethyst, cinnamon.

Class: Gray

Sanguine Vampire

Sanguine vampires are another common race and are the most well-known in popular culture. They offer protection, guidance, enhancement of all magick, insight, increase of focus and direction of thoughts, mental stamina, and increased physical strength.

Offerings: Keeper eating meat, aloe, quartz, velvet.

Class: Gray


The stryx is a type of vampire-bird race, they are usually nocturnal and not hard to handle. They do have an intense energy and are recommended to be kept by someone who can handle this energy. The stryx is an excellent vampire for the keeper that wants the enhancement of psychic abilities, development of new psychic abilities, superhuman strength, stronger libido, and attraction of lovers.

Offerings: Meat, bird feathers.

Class: Gray

Vampires are one of the most sought out spirit types in spirit keeping. Each race has its own unique abilities and characteristics. One thing they all have in common is that we either classify them as gray or dark. 

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