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All About Vessels

Vessels are an important topic among sellers and keepers. Approximately one quarter of all questions we are asked are vessel-related. Here are some commonly asked questions about vessels and the answers to them.

Q: What are vessels?

A: Vessels are nothing more than a way for you to get your spirit to you and a way for you to transport your spirit around. The definition of vessel is as follows: a container for holding something... A vessel for spirits may be nearly any type of object, though the most common types are polished stone or silver plated jewelry.... Even your own body may be a vessel for a spirit!

Q: How do I clean a vessel?

A: Naturally it depends on what type of vessel is used. For a silver-plated vessel or a stone, you may use special jewelry polish, dish soap, or any mild cleaning product to keep your vessels clean. You may even use water, water does not effect the binding or spell work at all!

Q: Will water affect the binding?

A: No.... Water will not have any affect on the binding so you don't need to worry!

Q: Can I switch vessels?

A: Yes, I as well as many other sellers offer vessel switching kits or bags so that you may switch the vessel.

Q: Do you do remote binding of vessels?

A: Of course! And for those who do not know what remote binding is, it is when we bind a spirit to a vessel at a distance. All you need to do is send us the picture of the vessel
and we can do it!

 Q: HELP! The vessel has broken! Is the binding ruined?

A: Do not worry about it.... As stated before, vessels are just a way to transport your spirit... If the vessel breaks this will not affect the binding.

Q: Can I upgrade this vessel to sterling silver or to pure gold?

A: We have many many requests about upgrading vessels to a more expensive type of vessel... Please know that our jewelry inventory is limited but we do our best to have a wide array of vessels for a reasonable price. The majority of vessels we offer are silver or gold -plated. If we were to offer vessels that were of a pure element that could change the price of a $30.00 spirit to a $60.00 easy. If we do not have the type of vessel you want please understand we do our best.... We offer quality vessel switching bags and remote bindings so that you may have the vessel you want! Vessels are considered a free gift to get your spirit to you.

If you have any more questions about vessels please feel to contact us and we will do our best to answer all questions!

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