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How Many Spirits Should I Keep?

This is a very personal choice and no one has the right to tell you how many entities or spirits you should have in your family.

Putting limits on it may alter or hinder a future bond with a entity that was meant for you.

Say you give your yourself a 50 spirit limit and then one day you see a spirit/entity offered that pulls at you...That keeps you awake at night and keeps you coming back...My advice is to then limit yourself to 51.

If you want to keep your numbers down only take in the entities that call to you. The ones that make your heart beat a little faster.

Your entities will always have something to do so if your entity/spirit family gets to big here are some tips about how to keep them happy!

Ask some to watch over family and friends.

Get large offering bowls for each race and give offerings for them all at one time.

Keep a portal open for them. This allows them to go back to visit the family they left behind. Let them use this as they need to. They will always comes back to you and once called can be back in a instant.

Keep large recharging boxes. This is like a vacation and they can never have to much time in one.

Place several entities/spirits in one vessel. This will allow many of them to be with you at one time and you will not be covered in jewelry.

A few times a week meditate. Keep this a open meditation so that if any entity needs you he or she can easily come through and let you know.

Also remember that they are a family and work as a family. Many build bonds with each other and become companions. Your spirits and entities always have each other.

If anyone here has a large spirit family and has special ways they make them all feel loved please feel free to share.

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