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Common Tools

Book of Shadows

A BOS can be described as a "Witch's Diary". It is simply a place to put all of your magickal info such as spells, rites, herbal recipes, spirits, Gods & Goddess, your own beliefs and/or the beliefs and practices of your coven... There is a limitless amount of information you may put in your BOS- your imagination is the limit! 


The athame is a very important alter tool. It is traditionally a black-handled knife and can be made from wood, metal, bone or stone. In some forms of paganism the athame is substituted with a sword. It is typically double-edged but it does not have to be. The athame is often associated with the element of fire and is a phallic representative which associates with the god. It is typically used in casting a circle, directing energy or cutting energetic ties.


Wands are of the most popular tools in the world of magick. Your wand may be made out of any type of wood. All wood has its own unique powers and traits and that should be kept in mind when selecting your wand. Wands have a wide variety of magickal purposes. They can be used to direct and channel energy, cast a circle, and use in divination. They are a phallic object and can b used to represent male energy. They are most often linked with the element of air but occasionally can be linked to fire.

Besom (Broom)

A broom is an important tool for rituals. Although to large to fit on most alters I recommend having one close to it so that you may sweep sacred spaces of negative energies before performing rituals. The besom is most closely connected with the element of water.


Your cauldron does not have to be super big or very small. It is your preference as to what size you get. Cauldrons are usually made of cast iron with three peg legs to hold it. One thing that I love about cauldrons is that they connect all four elements together. The cauldron is set upon earth, filled with water, that water is heated by fire and the steam goes into the air. Your cauldron will have a variety of uses but the most popular is to make spells in liquid form.


The pentacle is found on many pagan alters. It is a five point star within a circle that is traditionally used for protection. 


The bell is used in many rituals as a way to begin and end the ritual, bring forth healing energy, add harmony, evoke deities and call upon the goddess.


Candles to represent the four elements and directions are often a great idea. I suggest placing your candles as North, East, South, West. Here are common colors associated with these candles:

North: Green

South: Red

East: Yellow

West: Blue


The chalice is very important. It signifies the goddess and is often used for ceremonial drink, making offerings to the goddess and more.


Although not needed many stones and crystals have metaphysical properties that have great benefits. Here is a list of some stones and their properties

Altar Cloth

The last tool that I have decided to include here is the altar cloth. They are used for both preventing wax and other things from dripping and are also used to bring a certain energy to your sacred space. Altar cloths can have an impact on your rituals depending on the color. 

Please know that these are only the tools that I have decided to include on this page today. There are many more types of tools that you may choose to use in your rituals. Only include tools that feel right to you and that you feel comfortable using.

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