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Black, Dark, White- Whats the Difference?

Most sellers will place a label (ranking) on what kind of entity they are offering. The most common rankings you will see in the paranormal community are white, dark, and black.

Here is a simple guide to help you understand the nature of spirits ranked within these classes.


White art entities/spirits will always choose to do good. They are positive beings who work with white magick only. All things achieved by a white art spirit will be done by pure means.

Dark (Gray):

Entities that are ranked as dark are the most human like, as they have more choice in choosing between right and wrong than any other type of entity. They are capable with working with either white or black magick, it just depends on the entity in question.


A black entity is one that will more than likely side with evil. Although some entities that are ranked as black will choose to do good, the vast majority will not. These entities may cause chaos, may be more harm than good, could be hostile, or just impossible to control. They work strictly with black magick.

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