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Gray to Dark Races


The Agogwe are a small African race who resemble small humans. They are mischievous and like to pull small pranks on their keepers. This can be fun to some keepers but annoying to others. For the keeper that can handle their mischievous manner, they will motivate your other spirits to complete work, bring their keeper justice, deliver karma to enemies, and offer protection against all evil.

General Offerings: Avocados, drum music, alfalfa, tree bark, rubber.

Class: Gray Arts


This race is an extremely loyal race that forms a deep bond with their keeper. They appear as a black or white rooster with a flaming tail. They can appear as dragon to your enemies. Aitvaras bring an abundance of good luck and blessings. They will bestow bad luck to enemies.

General Offerings: Egg shells, seeds, basil, orange peels, feathers.

Class: Gray Arts


The Amarok are giant wolf-like spirits. In spirit form they are great companions to you and your family. They are very family orientated and work hard to please their keeper. The blessings that they bestow onto their keeper are unique. They bring improved night vision, visions of the future, aid in lunar magick, and connection to higher powers.

General Offerings: Bone, time spent outside, and raw stones.

Class: Gray Arts


Apopa are small humanoid creatures that resembles a deformed and ugly dwarf. They are rambunctious spirits who are similar to Kobolds in their abilities. The main difference however is that an Apopa will be much more mischievous and will play harmless pranks on their keeper. This can be annoying to certain keepers. To the keeper that does not mind these pranks, an Apopa will bring its keeper good luck, erase negative influences, grant wishes, perform tasks an keeper's behalf, and provide protection for the home.

General Offerings: Poprocks, stones, shiny objects, rope, musk incense, lavender incense.

Class: Gray Arts


The Bardha, or "white ones" are spirits of nature that will often appear as a formless white being. They require an experienced keeper as they need to be given offerings often. They aid in developing psychic sense, provide glamors, aura cleansing, dispelling negativity.

General Offerings: Anything sweet, honey, sugar, white candles, while stones, clear quartz.

Class: Gray Arts

Cat Sidhe

The Cat Sidhe is the spirit of a faery witch. She will be dual in her magick abilities, dealing with both white and dark magick. They are excellent teachers that aid in conjuration, spell casting, increasing power and manifestation speed of your spell work. They can do almost any kind of magick and are ideal for the keeper that wants to become a master.

General Offerings: Milk, sugar.

Class: Gray Arts


The Centicore is a large beast who derives from India. It has the body of a lion, hooves & ears of a horse and the head of a bear. They are extremely rare but for the right keeper they are extremely beneficial to have. They can bestow any kind of wisdom needed and can perform a variety of magickal tasks. They also offer their keeper unlimited protection.

General Offerings: Lighted candles, large rocks, animal furs.

Class: Gray Arts

Coranians Dwarf

Coranians are a particular tribe of dwarf. They are rare but if you have one in your service you will not be disappointed as they are exceeding powerful. Coranians Dwarves can cast powerful spells, bring healing, attract mass amount of wealth, help you become more Intune with your surroundings, provide guidance, and give wise advice.

General Offerings: Toadstools, strawberries, raw stones, dirt.

Class: Gray Arts


The Kaia are a race of spirits who are vengeful. Some members of this race require an experienced keeper as they are moody. The Kaia bring bad luck to enemies, recovered what was taken from you, deliver psychic attacks, and attract wealth.

General Offerings: Smoke, cigars, lighted candles, sandalwood incense.

Class: Gray Arts


Kakamoras are a race of small humanoid creatures. They usually don't reach past the height of an average person's knees. They have long hair, sharp nails and teeth. Although their appearance may not be the prettiest, they are fun spirits to have. The enjoy pulling harmless pranks on their keeper. The Kakamora attracts friendship, wealth, good luck, and provides protection for the home.

General Offerings: Wood, raw stones, squishy objects, foliage.

Class: Gray Arts


Kyrkogrims are guardian spirits who take the form of animals. They possess vast psychic abilities that they will sometimes share with their keeper. Once you have sealed your bond with a Kyrkogrim, he or she will provide you and your home with unfettering protection, repelling hexes & curses, aiding in communication with the dead, and aid in enhancing psychic abilities.

General Offerings: Grave yard dirt, cement, polished wood, dragon’s blood incense.

Class: Gray Arts


Merrow are a race of Irish merfolk. The women are exceedingly beautiful while the males are strikingly ugly (the males may manifest as being more attractive to not frighten their keeper). They can change their form and appear as a land dwelling animal. They attract love, aid in gathering of wealth, give psychic powers, provide protection and aid in spell casting.

General Offerings: Sea shells, salt water, sea weed, incense.

Class: Gray Arts


The Neckan are a type of water spirit. They often manifest as a log or water creature. Some members of this race can be temperamental, but for a strong-willed keeper they are beneficial to have. They provide aura cleaning, renewal, deleting bad karma, and dispelling negativity.

General Offerings: Water from a fish tank, wet leaves, and pond water.

Class: Gray Arts


Piskies are small household spirits who manifest as feeble old men. They enjoy playing tricks on their keeper but are harmless and good natured. They bring good fortune, luck, and wealth. They also help protect the home from thieves.

General Offerings: Rubber, pebbles, dirt.

Class: Gray Arts


Wraiths can be difficult to manage. But in the hands of the right keeper they will stop at nothing to ensure that they complete any task you give them. Wraiths are best at delivering justice to enemies, gaining vengeance, righting wrongs, protection against curses and hexes, and delivering psychic attacks to enemies.

General Offerings: Obsidian, black stone, sandalwood incense.

Class: Gray Arts

General Info

You will notice that under class we have placed each of these as being gray in nature. That is because with Dark natured entities, no two are equally as dark. Many Dark entities will work with at least a small amount of white magick, making them Gray in nature. Some members of these races are darker than others, while others will be more towards the White end of the spectrum.

Bonding with a Dark spirit is often similar to bonding with a White spirit. However, some sensitive keepers may notice a difference in energy while bonding. No spirit we offer-Dark or White-is evil, disobedient, or harmful. 

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