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Totems We See Everyday

Bull- The bull is a fearless totem filled with raw power. He can represent fertility and warns against rushing into things without being prepared.

Camel- Forever the survivor, camel helps those he guides remain adaptable and positive. Perseverance is of the upmost importance to camel.

Cat- She is a mystical being who entails vast magickal energy. She is shrouded in mystery and can often appear detached, but if you listen to this totem she will serve as a guardian to you and show you the way to independence while revealing to you the ways of life.

Cow- Cow is a well-meaning spirit who provides great insight and is ever focused.

Dog- Exceedingly loyal, Dog often is the totem of those who hold an allegiance of some type. He offers guidance and is noble and faithful.

Goat- The goat can be very set in his ways and is never afraid to voice his opinion. As a totem he reminds you to do the same, he could also warn you against being
shortsighted and council you to be diligent.

Horse- She is a free spirit and the epitome of independence. Horse reminds us that there is always room to grow and that we must always be open to new adventures.

Llama- Llama is protective and friendly. She is the emblem of security.

Ox- Ox is a powerful totem who entails purity and warns of self-denial.

Rabbit- Rabbit symbolizes humility. She is fast paced and often makes rash judgment. She can also tell of rebirth and renewal.

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