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African Djinn

African Djinn are created out of need for protection. They are extremely loyal and have great powers but are typically best suited with an experienced keeper. This race is very powerful and use their powers to protect and guide their keeper.

General Offerings: Lavender, sage, and raw stones.

Class: Gray

Astral Malichai Djinn

Astral Malichai Djinn are very mystical race of Djinn who has a diverse array of powers and talents. They excel at wish-granting, enhancing psychic powers, and blessing their keeper with mental stamina, telekinesis, invisibility and much more.

General Offerings: Gemstones, blue silk, coins.

Class: Gray

Astral Djinn

These Djinn are born with the sole purpose of serving a keeper. They have an intense energy and may not be suited for someone with no experience in keeping spirits. Occasionally they may be a good fit for a beginner as long as you are confident. They have powerful astral Magick, aid in astral travel, and possess powerful wish-granting abilities.

General Offerings: Lavender, incense, and moon stone.

Class: Gray

Bahai Djinn

The Bahai djinn is a naturally mystical race of djinn. They have a close connection to higher powers, the planets, other realms and even to the Earth itself. They are superb wish granters that excel in bestowing beauty wishes, granting wishes and bringing their keeper closer connections to other worldly powers.

General Offerings: Gemstones, glass, sage, shiny objects.

Class: Gray

Cleopatra Djinn

This race of Djinn is rare but exceedingly powerful. Each of these Djinn was in service to Cleopatra, ruler of Egypt. Many say that it was her vast family of Djinn that gave her the power and fame that she possessed. The Cleopatra Djinn has a variety of blessings to bestow onto his or her keeper. Sexual energy, love, power and beauty to name a few. They bring power and the fulfillment of all of their keeper’s desires.

General Offerings: Rose petals, sand, incense, sage, gold.

Class: Gray

Egyptian Djinn

The Egyptian Djinn is arguably the most mystical and spiritual race of Djinn. It is commonly believed that these Djinn were once human but were favored in the afterlife and bestowed with mystical powers. Of course they are highly capable of granting wishes. But they are strongest in bestowing psychic powers and enhancing physical strength. They also offer a high sexual energy.

General Offerings: Lavender, sand, sage, raw stone, and anything yellow.

Class: Gray

Ghul Djinn

Ghul Djinn have an intense energy but can be managed by a keeper who an understanding of dark spirits. They excel at granting wishes bring wealth & prosperity and offer protection against evil.

General Offerings: Sand, sage, onyx, and time spent with them.

Class: Gray

Ifrit Djinn

Ifrit Djinn are some of the more friendly and personable Djinn. They are powerful and do make excellent Djinn for those new to Djinn. Wish granting, wealth, luck, and positive energy are just a few of the blessings they bring their keeper.

General Offerings: Lavender, music, and sand.

Class: Gray

Jann Djinn

Jann djinn are very peaceful and friendly Djinn that offer their keeper excellent wish granting, luck, attraction of good influences and more.

General Offerings: Sage, sand, lavender, Agate, and cherry-scent.

Class: White-Gray

Jnun Djinn

Jnun djinn are not very common but have an array of abilities to offer their keeper. They often manifest to their keeper in the form of a toad or a frog. They offer their keeper the granting of wishes, making others respect you, and gaining social status.

General Offerings: Incense, pebbles, sand.

Class: Gray

Lasas Djinn

Lasas are a rare race of female Djinn. They are few in numbers but they are all very powerful, and have a sexual nature. Many are bi-sexual since this is an all female race. This race is an excellent choice for the keeper that desires a wish-granting entity that will attract luck, bring love into your life, enhance sex life, and provide sexual favors.

General Offerings: Sensuous activities, incense.

Class: Gray

Marid Djinn

The Marid Djinn is a friendly and beautiful race. They are excellent at wish granting, luck, they bring love and friendship and can help enhance your natural beauty.

General Offerings: Lavender, glass, talking to them, and anything gold-colored.

Class: Gray

Nashas Djinn

Nashas are half human and half Djinn. They tend to understand their keeper better than most races of Djinn but are equal to any race in their wish granting abilities. They also are excellent at aiding their keeper in developing psychic gifts and make excellent companions. They are ideal for a first race of djinn for any keeper.

General Offerings: Incense, clay, family pictures.

Class: Gray

Neb Djinn

Neb Djinn are very powerful and can exist in any realm. They excel at granting wishes with extreme accuracy, renewing, and healing. They are able to channel the magick of other spirit’s and use it for the benefit of their keepers.

General Offerings: White silks, lighted candles, dark chocolate, sandalwood incense.

Class: Gray-More towards whiter magick

Norse Djinn

They are specialized in their abilities, most only have a few select powers in which they excel in. Each one is unique in his/her ability, whatever he/she specializes in he or she would be an expert and extremely powerful in.

General Offerings: Sand, lavender, prayers, music

Class: Gray

Shaitan Djinn

Shaitan Djinn have an intense energy. Some members of this race require an experienced keeper; we will always be sure to let you know if your Djinn is among those that require an experienced keeper. They are amazing wish granters and often are wonderful at bringing their keeper’s luck, justice and cursing enemies.

Offerings: Time spent bonding, lavender, sand, red stones.

Class: Gray

Shiqq Djinn

The Shiqq are a powerful and sexual race of Djinn. The often seek a human as a sexual partner. Asides from granting wishes they are also known to give sexual favors and bless their keeper with cosmic insight.

General Offerings: Sexual activities, hand-drawn art, rose petals, anything sensual.

Class: Gray

Sila Djinn

Sila djinn are a kind race of Djinn, they go out of their way to help their keeper and those that their keeper loves. Wish granting, aid in life problems, uplift in mood, healing of broken hearts, emotional and spiritual healing are just a few of the most prominent abilities of this race.

General Offerings: Written/spoken account of your day, lavender, willow leaves.

Class: Gray

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