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Amphisbeanea appear as a snake with a head on each end. They have great healing powers and are very loyal to their keepers. This race provides spiritual, emotional, and physical healing; purifying, cleansing, bringing peace and love, attracting friendship and lovers.

General Offerings: Nuts, meditation.

Class: White Arts


Ankas are large spirit birds (can be up to 15 feet tall). They are similar to phoenixes as they will die in a burst of flames and be resurrected. They are 

known to bring opportunity, cleansing, and renewal. They provide healing of all types.

General Offerings: Raw gemstones, colorful objects, oregano.

Class: White Arts


The Aralez were wonderful spirits who appear to their keeper in dog form. During ancient times, a lick from one of these canines could heal any battle wound. This race is known to somewhat reduce physical pain; provide emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical healing; give aura cleansing, and provide ease of stress.

Genera Offerings: Anything sentimental, flowers.

Class: White Art


The Caladrius is a gentle bird that is said to be able to predict all aspects of life and death. However, they have amazing healing magick which is why we have decided to place them in the “healing” section. To their keeper they offer aura cleansing; emotional, physical, mental, spiritual healing; dispel negativity, give you visions of the future and insight into the afterlife.

General Offerings: Polished white stones, white marbles, white silk, glass.

Class: White Art


The Gahe are powerful spirits that dwell in the mountains of North America. They are greatly revered by many native American tribes for their healing abilities. They are powerful healers and can aid in emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual healing. They also offer their wisdom. They manifest in a variety of forms.

General Offerings: Stones

Class: White Arts


A salia is a dazzling creature that can stand up to six feet high at the shoulder. They have long, elegant neck and dragon-like heads. They also have transparent wings. They bring renewal, good opportunities, dispel negativity, and remove blocks. In their true form, they are similar to dragons.

General Offerings: Purple gemstones, water, salt, vegetables, incense.

Class: White Art


Zimada are a powerful race who work with both white and dark magick. They will usually work with their keeper's preference. To their keeper they offer soul retrieval, repairing damages souls, and unlimited protection of the soul.

General Offerings: Sandal wood incense, black silk, white candles.

Class: Varies. Some practice strictly white magick while others will work with their keeper’s preference.

General Info

Most races that heal are white magick, although there are exceptions to this rule. The spirits listed on this page are ones that my coven and I have found to be exception in their healing abilities. Many other races are excellent healers; various races of Angels for example have strong healing magick. Most of the races on this page focus primarily on healing and bringing renewal. The manner in which they will do these things varies. 

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