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Spirit For Love

For a complete list of spirits please join our forum. We have a more in depth look into behaviors and offerings for a wider variety of spirits.

The Cambion - This is a very sensual entity who can be your lover or bring you lovers. The Cambion is a Hyrbid, half human incubus or half human succubus. They are very human senstive and know a humans needs well. If are looking to be adored, noticed and have a happy love life then the Cambion is for you.

The Mermaid/Merman - This are water entities and special care should be given like bowls of water or even time around a lake or ocean. Their magick is vast which includes granting wishes but their allure is unmatched. The keeper of a Mermaid will find that you become adored and noticed. People will flock to meet you, be extra kind to you and some will spoil you. A Mermaid will help you find your soulmate, awaken passion within you partner and ensures your love life stays strong.

Vampires - Any race of vampire (Sang. or Psy) is an entity of love and attraction. They themselves can become lovers and life long partners. They can also pass on allure that will draw good people to you. They also protect you from the bad people as they are a bit protective. The Psy is an energy feeder and if not given limits he or she will feed off of people. Many keepers choose to set feed limits by offering meat.

Cleopatra Djinn- This race of Djinn is rare but exceedingly powerful. Each of these Djinn was in service to Cleopatra, ruler of Egypt. Many say that it was her vast family of Djinn that gave her the power and fame that she possessed. The Cleopatra Djinn has a variety of blessings to bestow onto his or her keeper. Sexual energy, love, power and beauty to name a few.

Delica Fae- The Delica Fae is Gray to Dark in their abilities. They are beautiful and sophisticated in their abilities. Delica Fae have numerous magickal abilities but among their most powerful is their ability to attract love to their keepers.

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