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Spirit Companions

For a complete list of spirits please join our forum. We have a more in depth look into behaviors and offerings for a wider variety of spirits.

The Familiar - The Familiar is the most popular companion. The Familiar has long been used by people of magick for friendship, magick and spying on others. They come in array of animals such as cats, birds and dogs. They are gift shape shifters who add energy to rituals and instant protection. They serve both magick and non magickal humans.

The Miniature Dragon - While magickal and always beautiful these are best suited for a keeper who desires friendship most. They are fast to manifest and enjoy people. They adore children and will watch over them. They will defend and fight for their family but only if need be. They do bring luck to their keeper. They bring great happiness and peace to their keeper. They also bring out Fae. Fae love these little dragons and will come longs ways just to see one.

The Phoenix - Although the Phoenix is much more then an companion I have to add them to this list. They make loving and loyal companions who care deeply for their family. A Phoenix is about renewal and growth. They can heal emotions and even minor pain. They are visual and enjoy interaction. When their song is heard you know you are being blessed. No man made music could ever be so beautiful.

The Sterling Angel - This is an entity of pure heart and pure love. They are also the angel of good times and can bring out the inner child of most people. They take bad moods away, ease anger and ease worry. They uplift and promote great happiness. If desire to get more fun out of of life the Sterling Angel will help you find it. You will makes friends and always be the "it" person.

The Woodland Fairy - Not only are they magickal forces they love their humans and one of the best companions. The woodland fae will often know their keeper inside and out. If you are an private person you may want to consider another fae. They know your dreams, your needs and desires. Due to their deep love for their keeper they will work day and night to see that those needs are met.

The Star Fairy - This is a very devoted Fae who embraces their keeper with pure love. Faults and all this race of Fae will love you. They desire deep bonds and enjoy personal time together. When happy and relaxed they will manifest and appear as a star shaped orb. They valure friendship and can also grant wishes..A lot of wishes.

The Sanguine Vampire - Gifted yes but very loving and desire human companionship on an deep level. When a bond is sealed you will be blessed with their magick but whats more you will be blessed with love and warmth. They will touch you and hold you. They will mold into what you want them to be and they will never leave you. A keeper can get all this plus possess vampire traits and talents. One can feel safe with a loyal Sanguine in their life. The onlydraw back on this race is the do enjoy meat and feed off it's energy. If meat is not for you consider the Psy Vampire.

The Brownie- When treated right they will do all your chores for you. They will see that you remember important dates, times and meeting. They will also clean up small messes. A Brownie loves to be helpful and makes a remarkable companion. Hint and an important one. Do not give offerings to A Brownie, ever. They consider it payment and go so no offerings. You simply treat them with kindness and respect. Mistreat one and they can leave you. Abuse one and they can leave plus take good luck with them when they go. Be kind to your Bownie!

The Human Ghost - Thinking of a human spirit who still roams this earth can be heartbreaking but they are here for a reason. Most are simply not done living and want to enjoy this world for a little longer. Those who want to enjoy this world can be fun and exciting companions. The excitment of seeing them move and object, hearing them speak or feeling their touch can be thrilling. No other spirit knows are needs better and knows what we need to be happy. After all they are human and they still can love. If you have a human ghost love him or her and include them in your life.

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