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For a complete list of spirits please join our forum. We have a more in depth look into behaviors and offerings for a wider variety of spirits.

The Bronwyn Angel - If you wish for an all around spirit of success, happiness and peace then this race of angel is perfect for you. While they do bring money, success and in some cases great wealth they also banish evil, cleanse your aura, repair your aura, lucid dreaming, mind reading, astral travel, psychic visions, healing, spiritual healing, remove curses, cast magick, stop black magick and bring all around life happiness. They are the close to perfect!

The Leprechaun - There are none better then bring money to their keeper. Where a Leprechaun goes luck is sure to follow. They help their keeper make the right choice in money matters. They show you the way to success. They protect the money you make. They will not allow others to steal it or let you throw it away on bad choices. They also can br friendly!

The Red Dragon - If you like the lotto and enjoy gambling then consider a red dragon. They bring luck to their keeper in huge ways. They can also help you find your dream job and greatly ease money worries. Being one the best protectors they will protect you, your family and the money they bring you.

The Phoenix - While a phoenix is all about rebirth and healing they are also about money growth. They are rather rare, very beautiful and very magickal. They allow their keeper to rise up to a new life of ease and freedom.

The Djinn - Almost any type of Djinn can pass on luck and money blessings. Just be sure you get a Djinn who is not lazy. If you find a Djinn who is the working type you will be blessed greatly. A Djinn is a dual entity and willing to be either dark or light. They will follow what is in the heart of their keeper.

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