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Magickal Moons

The Full Moon is magickal on its own. Each new cycle brings about new energy and this energy can affect your spell work. Utilize these energies each month to make your spells as effective as possible.


The Wolf Moon

This moon is a moon of beginnings. The Wolf Moon is ideal for castings of renewal and planning for the future. Now is also the time to begin cutting negative ties and removing harmful blocks.


The Storm Moon

As you weather the storm during this month, now is the time to direct your magick at overcoming challenges. The full moon of February is ideal for cleansing your spiritual and physical bodies, as well as your home and work space.


The Chaste Mooon

March is the ideal time for spells of success. Cast magick to bring about positive change, attract good blessings, and promote prosperity.


The Seed Moon

Magick for personal growth is ideal during this time. During the Seed Moon seek empowerment, plant your magickal garden and take measures to bring life happiness.


The Hare Moon

The full moon of May has the ideal energies for love spells, happiness, career success, and divination.


The Lover’s Moon

June also has a perfect moon for love magick. Now is the time to cast devotion spells, marriage blessings, and love spells.


The Mead Moon

The Mead Moon is excellent for castings relation to health, success, prosperity, renewal, inner strength, and attraction of new things. Magickal herbs harvested during this month are exceptionally potent. I personally recommend the July full moon for recharging magickal tools and offering stones.


The Corn Moon

Spells of prosperity and abundance are often strongest cast during this particular moon. Magickal herb potency carries over during this time from July.


The Harvest Moon

The September moon is ideal for protection blessings and magick involving wealth and health. Hard work often pays off during this month as the crops are harvested and your magick from earlier in the year begins to harvest.


The Blood Moon

The Blood Moon is one of the most—if not the most—powerful moon of the year. The veil between our realm and the spirit world is thinned and magick comes to our realm in abundance. Check all areas of your life to make sure everything is secure during this month.


The Snow Moon

Cast your spell of togetherness during this month. Rituals of renewal and prosperity tend to excel during this month. Work to strengthen bonds between you and your spirits, family, and friends.


The Oak Moon

As the year ends, now is the time to begin healing and looking to the future. Magick can bring you renewal, solve problems, and promote happiness during this time.

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