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Why can't I Feel My Spirit/Why Hasn't my Spirit Communicated With Me?

Many people will find that from time to time they bring a spirit into their life that they cannot feel, or their spirit does not make contact with them right away. Under this circumstance it is easy to assume that someone has stolen your spirit, or that your spirit has abandoned you.

To start off, it is nearly impossible for anyone to steal a bound spirit from its vessel. When a spirit is conjured a protective invocation is cast upon said spirit. Another important thing to note is that a spirit will not serve a keeper who has forcibly bound them. So the odds of someone going to the trouble to attempt stealing a spirit is very slim.

Many people also worry that their spirit may have abandoned them. Spirits do not have the ability to leave their vessels without their keeper's consent. So you do not need to worry about this.

Here are the most common reasons as to why you cannot feel your spirit, or why your spirit has not contacted you:

1. Your bond is not fully sealed. If you have only recently acquired your spirit, you may not have fully sealed your bond. In many cases a spirit will not make contact with their keeper until this bond is complete. It typically takes 30 days to seal a bond, but can take as long as 90 days.

2. You have natural blocks in your aura. Don't worry, this happens to us all! In day to day life we face situations which cause blocks, all you need to do is a simple aura cleanse. Here is a link to a free one:



3. You are not naturally sensitive. Some people are just not naturally sensitive and have trouble seeing, feeling and communicating with spirits. This is especially common with those new to spirit keeping. The cure for this is time, patience, and A LOT of meditation! I also recommend trying to use a pendulum when first communicating, it is very simple to ask your spirit "yes" or "no" questions!

So if you cannot feel or communicate with your spirit right away, do not worry..... Odds are it is nothing major.

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