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The Human Spirit

The human ghost may be one of the most feared spirits of all time. They manifest, the move things, talk and even touch us. Sadly for many people this is not welcome but for us who love the paranormal this is a dream come true!

Having a human spirit in your life does not have to be a scary thing. Always remember they are still humans and many of them are just not done with life. By touching us or talking to us they are being true to their race...A human! Next time a positive human spirit reaches out for you please know they have feelings, they can be hurt and they just may be very alone. Running in fear may really hurt them.

The positive human spirit is one who is not done living and may not know they have past on. They want to be alive, they want companionship, to be noticed and even want to be loved by a family. I hope you embrace them and even consider helping them move on if they are ready...Just please do not fear them!

The negative human spirit is one who often wishes to stay just to scare the humans around them. Some are even strong enough to harm the living. These in away can be harder to remove then chaos demons and just as evil. If you have a negative spirit you should take instant action towards removing it and this starts by telling them they are to go. You can burn sage all through your home and even have it blessed. Many times you may need outside help and thankfully there are a lot of group who are willing to help. Do not allow this spirit to bully you. Get help as soon as you can and hang sage over your bed until that helps arrives.

Haunted Items.

Human spirits often stay with what is familiar to them. A house, a toy, a doll, a piece of jewelry and sometimes even people.

Please remember that most humans spirits are just like you and I.

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